Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Isabelle Sleeping on Pillow
She snapped this picture of me this morning.  We had a very busy weekend and I need my beauty rest.  First we drove to Millinocket to spend the night with Pat because SHE had to do "supply" for Nancy at Brownville Junction and Dover-Foxcroft.  Pat is getting forgetful, although she still likes to take me for walks.  She forgot to buy me some treats, so I had to eat some of Oscar's.  Oscar is Pat's cat.  We're friends now.  We greet each other by rubbing noses.  I don't chase him any more.  It's way too much work and he is much younger and can jump up high.

SHE decided we needed to spend another night at Pat's house, and they all went out to dinner, but I didn't get to go.  I sulked under the coffee table.  I have to guard the house, so I didn't sleep well.  Also it was hot until yesterday.  I did get some bacon for breakfast though, two pieces.  We stopped at some place in Bangor on our way home where SHE met with some people who are doing something called a search.  Then we drove home.  She is trying to get me to eat kibble again.  It's ok for a snack, but give me people food any day.  PLEASE.

Today it's nice and sunny and not too hot.  I really don't like hot.  Sometime SHE has to put a wet towel on my head and back when I pant a lot.  I'm not panting right now.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Alone Again (well not really)

SHE left me at the kennel again.  Now I do have a good time there, but SHE is not to know that.  The lady who runs the place said I get along fine with all the dogs, but not all of them get along with each other.  There was one dog named Patty something or other, who would ONLY walk with me.  She needs to get a life.

Do you know what SHE brought back for me?  It's this sign from a place she calls York (no, not York, Maine).  SHE laughed, but I am greatly offended.  I know how to behave myself.
SHE told me that dogs are allowed on ferries, so I don't know why I couldn't go too.  Something about long plane rides and needing special kinds of permissions to go to that country for us dogs.

I really am glad to have HER home, but SHE is not allowed out of my sight.  It was so nice to sleep in our bed and be really lazy.  Those other dogs at the kennel don't like to sleep as much as I do.