Saturday, January 17, 2015

Our Cosy Fireplace

This is our new fireplace.  Actually it is a new gas fire log, the fireplace is old.  I love to lie on the floor in front of it.

The life of a church dog.

Hi everyone.  We've been having a very busy time.  I love going to church.  There are so many nice people and interesting smells.  When we were there Thursday, some people who do organic gardens and stuff were there and they had compost and I escaped from the office to smell everything.  Wonderful.  I also like the people who come into the office to say hello to me.  Some of them take me outside for walks.  One night SHE let me out without a leash and this lady had just parked her car so I went to see her.  I had no idea it was so cold.  My paws started to hurt, but SHE came and picked me up and put me in the car.  I guess I shouldn't do that again. I really don't want to wear mittens on my paws though. It is such a sissy thing to do so I don't stay out too long.

Last Sunday I stayed in the parish hall while everybody else was in the church.  I only barked a little and somebody took me outside to pee.  I like it when people pay attention to me and I love sitting on people's laps. They don't like it when I go grrrr and make noises when SHE talks. I don't understand why I can't sit next to HER. I wouldn't grrr.