Wednesday, December 29, 2010

He's Gone

SHE and I have our bed back.  The kid has gone back to California and life is back to normal for me.  It's not that I minded sharing the little bed with HER, but SHE takes up too much room.

It was pretty muddy out there this afternoon.  We walked over to the post office and then back through the parking lot.  I got really muddy paws and then some salt on them.  SHE had to wipe them off so we could get home.

SHE spent all afternoon on the computer and is very mad because her work all disappeared.  She wonders why it wasn't automatically saved like it usually is.  I don't think she's going to re-write it all again.

SHE is also packing a suitcase.  I have to go the doggie spa again tomorrow evening.  Not really a bad thing.  Does anybody know where Jerusalem is?  We have a friend who lives near Jerusalem, Vermont, but I always get to go when we visit, so that can't be right.

Friday, December 10, 2010

My New Winter Coat

You have no idea how many people stop to pat me when I go for a walk with HER.  My new coat is really snazzy.  It is made of fleece and the bottom side is green.  Somebody named Karen, here in Maine, made it.  Her company is called Peace By Piece Designs.  The store where SHE got it for me is fun.  I get to go in and the people are really nice and the smells in there are wonderful.

SHE has finally figured out how to get me to eat my kibble.  The people at the store gave her a free sample of some food that she sprinkles on the kibble (Stella and Chewy's super beef dinner).  It is SOO good I eat up everything right away.  Of course SHE doesn't give me enough, only a half a piece in the morning and the other half at night.  SHE says it's too expensive, but I LUV it.

We've been having a quiet time.  SHE is away at rehearsals and sings every day and is reading lots of books, so I sleep a lot.  SHE says she's reading so much because she's going to Jerusalem and wants to have a good background.  I will have to go visit my friends at the Kennel, but that's ok.