Wednesday, December 29, 2010

He's Gone

SHE and I have our bed back.  The kid has gone back to California and life is back to normal for me.  It's not that I minded sharing the little bed with HER, but SHE takes up too much room.

It was pretty muddy out there this afternoon.  We walked over to the post office and then back through the parking lot.  I got really muddy paws and then some salt on them.  SHE had to wipe them off so we could get home.

SHE spent all afternoon on the computer and is very mad because her work all disappeared.  She wonders why it wasn't automatically saved like it usually is.  I don't think she's going to re-write it all again.

SHE is also packing a suitcase.  I have to go the doggie spa again tomorrow evening.  Not really a bad thing.  Does anybody know where Jerusalem is?  We have a friend who lives near Jerusalem, Vermont, but I always get to go when we visit, so that can't be right.

Friday, December 10, 2010

My New Winter Coat

You have no idea how many people stop to pat me when I go for a walk with HER.  My new coat is really snazzy.  It is made of fleece and the bottom side is green.  Somebody named Karen, here in Maine, made it.  Her company is called Peace By Piece Designs.  The store where SHE got it for me is fun.  I get to go in and the people are really nice and the smells in there are wonderful.

SHE has finally figured out how to get me to eat my kibble.  The people at the store gave her a free sample of some food that she sprinkles on the kibble (Stella and Chewy's super beef dinner).  It is SOO good I eat up everything right away.  Of course SHE doesn't give me enough, only a half a piece in the morning and the other half at night.  SHE says it's too expensive, but I LUV it.

We've been having a quiet time.  SHE is away at rehearsals and sings every day and is reading lots of books, so I sleep a lot.  SHE says she's reading so much because she's going to Jerusalem and wants to have a good background.  I will have to go visit my friends at the Kennel, but that's ok.

Monday, October 25, 2010

My visit with Pat, Oscar and Sally

SHE dropped me off in Millinocket last Wednesday.  The first thing that happened is that she and Pat disappeared for a while.  Turns out they went out to dinner.  Not only didn't they take me, but they didn't bring me anything back.  Oscar the cat was here.  He's ok, except I didn't like it when he went into the bathroom while she was using it and I got left outside.  I told him what for when they came out.  I think Oscar understood.  He knows that when I am there I am the boss.  Also I didn't like it when he tried to get HER to pat him.  I'm the only one who's supposed to get my tummy rubbed.  Oscar can sit on Pat's lap if he wants.

Pat took good care of me.  Sally came over to see me before SHE left for convention and I was so glad to see her.  Sally cooks me an egg when I come to visit.  Pat walked me down to Sally's house and I stayed there while Pat and her son went out to lunch.  I got my egg. Yummy.

I heard HER tell both Pat and Sally that I was on a diet and that they were not to give me treats.  What a bummer.  Nobody told the ladies at church on Sunday, though, so I got some nice dog biscuits from the people who sit across the aisle from Sally.  They remembered how much I like that.  Someone brought up the fact that I used to hide dog biscuits around the church just in case somebody forgot to bring some.  Sally laughed at the time the cloth over the altar was moving.  It was just me retrieving a biscuit at the Tuesday morning service.

We were both tired Sunday night when we got home and I didn't even feel like eating anything.  Maybe the diet is working.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'm Getting Better

I have been trying and trying to get my human to post something about me for ages.  So, here's what has been going on in my life.  First, I have been having a really bad time with arthritis.  I now have to get a shot  in my back every two weeks.  That is better than at the start of all this when I got a needle in me twice a week.  I still don't like it at all.  The next thing is that my eyes are much better.  I have new medicine that helps me produce tears and clean off my eyes.  I am getting a bit deaf though and don't like it when SHE leaves me alone.  I don't hear HER when SHE returns.

Two weeks ago I had to go back to my vet for my annual check-up.  I was told to loose 5 pounds.  I'm on reduced kibble and almost no snacks.  Barking at HER after I finish my kibble isn't working.  I was also told to eat fish oil, too.  That's not so bad because she puts the capsule into pill pockets, which I love. I need to go back to see the vet in a couple of weeks to see if the diet is working.  SHE told me last night after I ran all the way home on our walk, that I was sooooo good.  I even got a little treat.

It's a Dog's Life
Note from the scribe (better known as SHE):  It was wonderful to see Izzie running again.  I don't think she's done that since before her back problems.  I think we can attribute that to the fish oil.  I finally got around to getting some this week and after only two doses, we had the remarkable running.  I decided to take some myself, so our morning routine is a capsule of fish oil for each of us, other vitamins for me and a piece of chicken jerkey with glucosamine, chondroitin for Izzie.  I then put a third of a cup of kibble in her dish which she usually won't touch until evening when I add another third of a cup.  Then it's time for our morning walk followed by my cup of coffee while giving Izzie a tummy rub.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Isabelle Sleeping on Pillow
She snapped this picture of me this morning.  We had a very busy weekend and I need my beauty rest.  First we drove to Millinocket to spend the night with Pat because SHE had to do "supply" for Nancy at Brownville Junction and Dover-Foxcroft.  Pat is getting forgetful, although she still likes to take me for walks.  She forgot to buy me some treats, so I had to eat some of Oscar's.  Oscar is Pat's cat.  We're friends now.  We greet each other by rubbing noses.  I don't chase him any more.  It's way too much work and he is much younger and can jump up high.

SHE decided we needed to spend another night at Pat's house, and they all went out to dinner, but I didn't get to go.  I sulked under the coffee table.  I have to guard the house, so I didn't sleep well.  Also it was hot until yesterday.  I did get some bacon for breakfast though, two pieces.  We stopped at some place in Bangor on our way home where SHE met with some people who are doing something called a search.  Then we drove home.  She is trying to get me to eat kibble again.  It's ok for a snack, but give me people food any day.  PLEASE.

Today it's nice and sunny and not too hot.  I really don't like hot.  Sometime SHE has to put a wet towel on my head and back when I pant a lot.  I'm not panting right now.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Alone Again (well not really)

SHE left me at the kennel again.  Now I do have a good time there, but SHE is not to know that.  The lady who runs the place said I get along fine with all the dogs, but not all of them get along with each other.  There was one dog named Patty something or other, who would ONLY walk with me.  She needs to get a life.

Do you know what SHE brought back for me?  It's this sign from a place she calls York (no, not York, Maine).  SHE laughed, but I am greatly offended.  I know how to behave myself.
SHE told me that dogs are allowed on ferries, so I don't know why I couldn't go too.  Something about long plane rides and needing special kinds of permissions to go to that country for us dogs.

I really am glad to have HER home, but SHE is not allowed out of my sight.  It was so nice to sleep in our bed and be really lazy.  Those other dogs at the kennel don't like to sleep as much as I do.

Monday, June 28, 2010

The Move

OK, I do like our deck.  It is nice to sit out in the cool breezes.  I also like to nibble on the thyme. I do not like not being able to go into the coffee shop downstairs.  One day I escaped and ran in.  SHE didn't shut the door well, so I butted it open and dashed down the stairs. But she scooped me up before I could get very far inside.  She was in front of the door to the coffee place, about to get another load of stuff from the car. The man who runs the place is very nice, but he said doggies can't go into places that serve food.

This move is stressful for a little dog.  SHE has been trying to help me get used to the place, but moving back and forth between the house and apartment is confusing.  We are now sleeping at the apartment and waiting for movers to come to move the big furniture.  We sleep on a couch that turns into a bed.  I like the nice air that comes into the windows, it's pretty quiet until morning and even then I have no problem sleeping until after seven.  Then SHE insists we get up so SHE can have coffee.

I still don't like being left alone, but last night SHE went out to dinner and a movie with friends and it wasn't AWFUL (well maybe a little bit).  We walked along the water when SHE came back and that was nice.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Back to the Doggie Spa

SHE took me to the doggie spa to spend the day. SHE needed a new driver's license and then went to LL Bean and had lunch with Mr. Wade.  It was a nice day even though it rained.  I made a new friend, Woody.  He is a pug and he had back surgery just like me, only his back legs had gotten paralyzed and he isn't doing as well.  He has to wear a diaper. Anyway I enjoyed taking walks with him.  The nice lady who owns the spa told HER that  I was very nice to Woody.  I am nice to dogs (and to people too), especially those who need a buddy when they're sick.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Few Thoughts

Do you know what SHE told me today?  SHE said we're moving again.  I have lived in seven houses with HER.  Now home is where my mommie is, but this isn't fair.  I'm going to have to get used to a new place to walk and pee.  There will be lots more people around there and I never get to go off leash when I have to do my last trip outside for the night.  I do like to lie on the nice cool grass when it's warm.  It makes my tummy feel good.

Also SHE's making me walk two times a day now. SHE says I'm strong enough.  I refuse to go very far on the night walk though.  Just enough to do my duty.  In the morning I like a nice long walk and I think that's quite enough for the day.  SHE says I still need to loose a little weight.  SHE's cut back a lot on treats and is making me eat kibble.  I wait until just before bedtime just in case she cooks something for me.

My eye is still having problems, but the medicine to make tears seems to be working.  I don't like having an eye bath every morning, but it does help clean out the gunk.  I'm getting better at letting her put the medicine in.  I prefer drops to the salve, but I have to have some salve to make the tears.

Tomorrow we're going to a parade.  I like parades.  SHE says it's Memorial Day.  There are lots of flags at the cemetery and we see them on our morning walk. At parades we usually sit on a curb and watch people for a while and then we walk home.  They're not going to throw any candy, which I think is awful.  Most of the time I can get ahold of a Tootsie Roll when she isn't paying attention.  So we'll see if the parade is any fun if there's no candy.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Long Drive to the Northwoods

SHE took me to Millinocket to visit my friend Pat.  Pat is a bit forgetful, but she loves me a lot and I like going for walks with her.  I also got to spend an afternoon with Sally who cooked me an egg and let me lie on her nice cool grass.

SHE complained that black flies bit her, but they didn't bother me at all.  SHE and Pat were very sad because a good friend of theirs died.  The woman was a minister like SHE is, but I guess Congregational is a different kind of church.  The woman minister just loved Millinocket and planned to retire there with her husband.  I guess God had a different idea.  She was only in her early 60s.  We didn't know she had diabetes and had had polio as a girl, so I guess her body was not too strong.

SHE says Lyn's heart was a big as the country around Millinocket.  It was Lyn who knew who needed what in town, and she knew more about how to help abused women than just about anybody.  She also knew who to go to for money to help people.  SHE also says the town has no idea yet how much she will be missed.  I do remember that that Lyn always had a nice scritch for me, but she was a cat lady.  She was most proud of her Maine Coon Cat.  It was bigger than me.

A Note from Her:  I still haven't processed Lyn's death.  Whenever I went to Millinocket to see Pat, Lyn and Milton would be invited over for drinks and hors d'oeuvres and sometimes they joined us for dinner afterwards.  The conversations were far-ranging stimulating. She was truly my sister-in-Christ and I miss her.  She had completed the work for a D. Min. and would have received her degree the week after she died.  The seminary awarded it to her posthumously and had her hood encased in a display box.  Her classmates made sure there was an empty chair for Lyn at the ceremony. Part of the reason her memorial service was so long was the degree and hood were awarded a second time for her congregation to see.  I know it won't be the same for me to go up there.  Pat will miss her pastor very much too,

Gracious and Loving God, whose wisdom is beyond our understanding: Deal graciously with Milton, and Pat and Lyn's congregation in their grief.  Surround them with your love, that they may not be overwhelmed by their loss, but have confidence in your goodness and strength to meet the days to come; through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen. (adapted from the BCP, 494)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Isabelle and Rabbits

Two Rabbits (Kobi 19th Century) Wikimedia Commons.

My mommie has gotten addicted to LOST.  Every Tuesday evening she disappears for a couple of hours and I have to stay home alone. SHE says it's because the place SHE goes to watch it has a bunny rabbit named Hester.  Now I really like bunny rabbits.  They are so much fun to chase.  I really liked Wyoming because there were lots of rabbits who lived next door under an old barn and one of them used to come and wait for me at the edge of the driveway so when we came home from church I could chase him.

They're going to have a big party for the last show and I suppose I'll have to stay home alone then too.  It's just not fair.  SHE is worried Hester will have a heart attack if he sees me. (Hester is a boy rabbit).

I've decided that I really don't need to drink so much water after all.  I'm back to my old habits of just one bowl a day.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Quick Update

You know I think I like the doggie spa.  I always get to meet nice doggies there.  My friend Rex wasn't there this time, but I met a new dog who spent a lot of years in a puppy farm and was real scared, but we got along pretty well.  She is much littler than I am, but I think after the nice lady at the spa takes care of her for a while and she sees how nice the dogs are that stay there she will be ok.  I made friends with another dog, and I'm sure he thought I was a pretty sexy thing, so I had to put him straight.  I only want to be friends.  SHE was only gone two nights and although I was REAL glad to go home, I had fun.

The doctor said I don't have Cushing's disease, but I have a nasty eye infection and need medicine three times a day.  Sometimes I make HER chase me, cause I really don't want to have her put it in, but I do feel better.  Now SHE has to measure how much water I drink.  Not a big deal since SHE's trained in that sort of thing.

SHE said we have to look for a new place to live.  The woman who owns the house is going to sell it.  I like this place.  Do you know we've lived in 7 places since we've become companions?  I think it's time we settle down.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Two Churches in Two Days

I got to go to two churches in two days. I like going to churches because it usually means food.  I know how to keep quiet during prayers because voices change and they all speak together.  I did get a few goodies and in the second church there were lots of people sitting around tables eating, but only my SHE gave me anything.  I guess they just don't know me very well.  I tried looking cute, but nada.  So mostly I just slept under the table and snored during the meetings.  I was SO glad when we finally left and went home.  We were both so tired after all that driving on Sunday that we didn't do very much.  SHE took a long nap and so did I.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Home at Last

Finally I'm home again. The kennel/spa was nice, but home is better.  I did like my new friend Rex, who is a Jack Russell Terrier.  We enjoyed walking together.  There were some other nice dogs too.  When I saw my mommie I ran over and jumped on her and when she bent over I kissed her and whined and carried on so she would know that I really did miss her.  I sat in her lap all the way home and did some more crying.  It's so hard for me to be away from her.  She says she missed me too.  I am not letting her out of my sight for a while.  I went with her to the grocery store and then for a little walk.  I'm getting very good at walks again.  I'm not nearly as stiff when we finish as I was for a while.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Letter to Izzie

Dear Izzie,

Today I went to visit your friend Daisy and her human Liz.  Daisy is a year older than you and she has arthritis and is going blind, but she remembered me and was sniffing all over me, I think to see if your smell was there.  She is just as nice as she's always been and I'm sure she was confused that you were not with me.  I gave her a hug for you and she sends you a woof.  Bella was also there and is getting older too. Remember she was our landlady's dog in Sausalito.  Bella was spending a few days with Liz and Daisy since her human was away. She also remembered us and sends a woof too.

Yesterday I went over to the church in Sausalito and people asked about you.  It was nice to see how well they've done since our interim there.  It's been very rainy the last few days, but we have had sunny spaces in between.  David and I had lunch at a nice Italian restaurant there after church and then a rainy trip across the bay.  I've finally adjusted to the time and now I leave tomorrow.  Oh, well.

I heard from the lady who runs the kennel this morning that your other eye is infected too.  We need to go to your vet again as soon as I get home. In the meantime, let her put the medicine in both eyes.  I was happy to know though that you've made a friend at the doggie spa.  It's always good to have someone to pal around with.  I am looking forward to meeting your new buddy when I pick you up on Wednesday.

Be good,

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Letter to Izzie

Saturday evening
Dear Izzie,
After such glorious weather since my arrival, it's turned cloudy and cool.  It's supposed to rain tomorrow.  I did some work on my thesis project, got a little exercise in (hope you did too—remember you're supposed to lose a few pounds) and spent a lot of time talking with David. Started Anne Lamott's Imperfect Birds. Not much more news today. Be a good girl. Miss you, sweetie.


Doggie Spa

I think she sent me to the spa this week to lose a little weight.  I have my own room with a bed and chair (and I brought my favorite pillow).  I have to go out and take walks with the other dogs twice a day and I'm supposed to play in the yard.  SHE only left kibble for me to eat and some cheese to put on it.  I'm trying to be sweet so the nice spa lady will let me sit on her lap.  Oh, and I don't have a thyroid problem.  The vet said after she comes home they need to check for Cushing's Disease, but we can't do anything until I settle back down at home. That's all the news from me.

News from HER

Dear Izzie,

I went to see my advisor at CDSP to suggest an addition to my thesis.  I don't think the data I've gathered is enough for a good paper and Rob Voyle gave me the idea of asking people he's trained in Appreciative Inquiry and are doing Transition Ministry (Interim) work to use my protocol and give me feedback.  I will meet with another professor on Monday to see if she will serve on the committee since the third member is no longer at CDSP.

I spent the first night at my friend David's house and after going over to CDSP I drove up to Sebastapol to see Rod and Mary.  Rod has just retired.  We talked and reminisced about our classmates in seminary and shared wonderful meals together.  They're great hosts.

I'm now back at David's.  When I returned I convinced him to get a Wii Fit so he can work on his balance.  I've found that to be really helpful for me.  We're going over to All Saint's for the 8 am service and Sausalito for the late service tomorrow and then lunch with Liz.

I'll be back late Tuesday and pick you up Wednesday morning.  Be a good girl.


Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's Stopped Raining

It was still raining this morning when we went out for our walk, so I had to wear my coat.  SHE says I don't have to wear it for a while.  It's supposed to keep getting warmer every day this week and no more rain.  Yea!

I'm not producing enough tears in my right eye (and I have a little infection there too), so SHE has to put two medicines in it every day now.  We'll see if I let HER.  I'm pretty strong you know and have a neat trick.  I put my head into HER lap so SHE can't get at my face.

We haven't heard from the doctor yet about my results, so SHE will have to tell you about them later after we hear.  I need a nap, then dinner.

UPDATE:  It doesn't seem to be a problem with my kidneys so the doctor lady is sending my blood out to be tested for a thyroid problem. (From Izzie's mom.  As I was about to publish the post there at the bottom was an ad for low thyroid.  Weird!)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Doggie Spa

I spent a very rainy day at what SHE calls a doggie spa.  It's not too far from where we live.  The lady who owns it met us at a parking lot because the causeway to her place is flooded and the lady didn't want HER to get our car stuck. There were only two other dogs there today and we all got to go out on walks.  SHE made me wear my red raincoat cause I don't like going out in the rain, but I did like to go out with the other dogs.  SHE makes me wear the coat so I don't get my tummy so dirty.

The nice lady sat on the floor to play with us dogs and I liked to sit with her, but I didn't want the other dogs to horn in on my time.  I just growled at them.  Nothing particularly nasty, but just enough to let them know who's the boss.

Tomorrow SHE wants me to see our vet again.  SHE's worried that I'm drinking too much water.  I don't know what's the problem, but we'll see.

UPDATE (31 March 2010):  It's not diabetes.  They took a bunch of blood from me to see if my kidneys are working ok.  If that turns out negative then they'll send some of my blood out to see how my thyroid is working.  It's a bitch getting old.  Oh, I'm a bitch.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

SHE Has Spring Fever, I Don't

I don't feel like going out for walks very much these days.  My left back leg is still a bit weak.  After we come back from our walk, I have a hard time going up even the two steps into the house.  SHE hopes that with such good weather, my leg will get stronger.  I do like going out with her though.  Trips to the dump and to the grocery store are great, because I only have to walk to the car.  SHE's threatening to go to Dodge Point and do a real walk sometime soon, but I have to get stronger first.  Right now just going to the end of the road is enough.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Is it SAD?

SHE and I have spent the last two weeks watching LOST.  HER excuse is that needed to catch up so SHE can go over to a friend's house on Tuesdays and watch the last season.  I think the real reason is that SHE's suffering from what people call SAD.  It happens a bit every year, but this year we don't have a church and SHE's not busy enough.  Of course I'm not either.  I like going over to church and bossing people around and getting lots of treats.  I miss sharing people's lunches and seeing who comes and goes.  I even miss listening to HER sermons.

At one of the meetings for the Haiti dinner this big dog who belongs to the choir director was there and I chased him downstairs.  That was fun.  He's a nice gentle dog, so it's easy to chase him away.  I know he was just trying to be friendly, but I wanted him to know who was boss.

I also went with her to a church that was a long drive away.  We talked to some people and SHE and the priest there went out to dinner and left me alone with some woman.  The woman tried to give me a snack that SHE left for me, but I wouldn't take it.  I didn't know her. Then they came back and more people came and there was lots of talking, mostly by HER.  I did my usual sleeping under the table and then we left and drove home.  Only SHE took the wrong road and it took a while.  I think SHE said something about consulting, whatever that is.

SHE is not spending much time on the computer.  I think that  bright light SHE's been using all week might help cheer her up.  I noticed SHE's starting to exercise again.  I still don't do long walks, but I'm getting better.  My back legs are still a little weak, but they sure are better than before I had that awful surgery.  My hair has grown back in very well, but the hair over the scar is brown.  SHE says it looks interesting.

I think that in a week or so SHE will be back to her usual self and will start reading other people's blogs again.

Friday, February 5, 2010

All They Did Was Talk About Food

I went with her to a meeting at the church last night.  They were talking about this big dinner they're having for Haiti relief next week.  People from other churches were there too.  They talked a lot about food.  I heard something about a salad with avocados (I like avocados) pork (yum) and rice and beans (ok) and  a coconut custard.  The problem was there wasn't any food there.  They talked on and on about who was cooking what and how many people they need to serve and how many tickets they've sold.

I wandered about and greeted everybody.  Inspected all the open rooms.  Greeted people again and then did my famous trick of lying on the floor and snoring.  For some reason PEOPLE find that funny.  I think it helps to speed meetings along.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Just Try to Put Those Mittens on Me Again

I had HER swipe this picture of me from Bailey's Buddy.  Don't you think it's a great likeness.  See what a tough dog I am.

It has been very cold here the last few days.  It's hard to stay outside very long.  Most of the snow has gone and the roads are clear, but unless I wear mittens (she calls them my shoes), my paws just don't like going on walks and I fight her every time she tries.  Guess SHE'll have to be satisfied with short trips to the yard and rides in the car.

It's also nice to sleep on the couch, look out the front window and beg for treats.  Maybe I won't have to beg if I use this "gat."  Oh, and SHE says I can't smoke indoors.

UPDATE (from mommie):  Izzie has one paw that I think suffered frostbite in the time before we became companions.  She really can't stand severe cold on that paw.  One time in Wyoming I had to carry her to the house when she sat in the middle of the road and tucked her paws under her.  She tries to kick off any type of dog footwear I put on her.  Right now it's pretty dry so it's not so hard on her.

Monday, January 18, 2010

A Snowy Day

It's snowing a lot today.  I don't do walking in deep (more than 6 inches) snow.  I do like to snuggle with my new pillow.  I'm waiting for HER to fix me lunch.  After that I plan on snoozing some more.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


I just don't have the energy to post today.  I need my sleep.  SHE keeps trying to get me to go outside and pee, but I'm not ready.  I promised I won't go on the floor.  I got scolded at Desi and Luci's house because I kept going on the floor, even after I went outside.  I was afraid SHE was going to leave me there and Luci kept pestering me to play.  When my mommie and her friend went out to go to the gym and then have lunch I stayed in the car, which was better than staying alone in the house.  At least I know SHE's coming back to the car.

I haven't had any food since yesterday.  Yesterday was tough.  What I liked was the toll taker when we came into Maine gave me a little treat.  Most of the rest of the trip was boooring.  Just a few walks at rest areas and a hot dog at one stop.

I did like coming to our house.  First I sniffed around outside.  There's snow everywhere, but it's not too deep.  Then I inspected the house.  Everything seems to be here.  We slept in our bed and I really didn't want to get up, but SHE carried me downstairs.

UPDATE: 5 pm  I finally went outside.  First I drank a whole bunch of water and deigned to eat my kibble with cheese. I do feel better, but it's time for another nap.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Living the Good Life

It was really fun visiting with Grandmere Mimi and Grandpere.  They know how to treat a dog very well.  They have a dog too, her name is Diana, but we were only allowed to meet through the fence and the windows.  They were afraid I might get hurt, but I really know how to hold my own.  Of course they were all worried about my surgery, but I feel really good right now.  When we got to Thibadoux it was late afternoon, my mommy and Grandmere spent all the time talking and drinking wine. I curled up on the ottoman to listen to them and to sleep.  It was just my size.  I also liked going outside in the front yard.  There are lots of good smells, especially along the fence to the backyard.  Finally we went to bed and I climbed the stairs just fine.  We both slept really well.

The next day I got bacon for breakfast and not only that I got the bacon fat poured on my kibble.  Boy did that taste really good.  Grandpere is a good cook. SHE and Grandmere went to church and I stayed home with Grandpere, who was really nice to me.

They shut me in the kitchen when they left to go out and eat, but I butted the door to the family room open with my head and was sitting on the couch when they came back.  That way Diana and I could talk through the french doors.  She was in the yard and we barked at each other every now and then.  I really got nice treats to eat at Grandmere's, some ham and some buttered toast.  If you hadn't noticed it food is VERY important to me (good food that is).  SHE and I took an afternoon nap while Grandmere went to a concert and then the talking started again, but not before they took pictures of me.  I asked mommie to steal one from Grandmere's blog and she decided it should be the one of me on the nice red ottoman.  I heard I've been promoted from princess to queen.  I think that's proper.  SHE's a good lady-in-waiting, at least most of the time.

We left early the next morning and did another one of those boring days except this time it turned dark and I decided to sleep on the floor next to my nice little pillow.  We got to mommie's friend's house and when I went inside I met Squanto the cat.  He didn't like me at all and ran and hid.  Of course I had to chase him.  He went under the bed and wouldn't come out until today.  Today I went outside a bit and showed my mommie all the good places to sniff.  I've also slept a lot.  Mommie's friend laughs at me. We had pizza for dinner.  I love pizza.  Of course I had to eat some kibble since they only gave me little bits.

I've been told we're leaving tomorrow morning for another long drive, although SHE says it won't be too bad.  We're going to stop after only five hours (SHE promised).  I think SHE wants to go home and you know, I think I do too.  I love road trips, but home is so nice.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Sorry Everybody This Trip is Boring

I'm sorry there's nothing interesting from my point of view.  We get up in the morning.  We drive a bit.  SHE goes in somewhere to have breakfast.  I get a slice of bacon when SHE comes out.  We drive some more and get gas and I get to walk around a bit.  I listen to her singing at the top of her lungs while we drive some more.  We stop for lunch.  I get a small hamburger.  We drive some more. I get to walk at a rest stop.  We find a place to stay.  I eat my dinner and we get into bed after a quick trip outside to pee.  I go to sleep and SHE usually watches the weather channel, although last night SHE watch some re-runs of Chuck.  Her son-in-law works on that program.

SHE says that we'll get at least as far as San Antonio today.  By the time we get there we won't have time to do any visiting of sites.   Oh, and she's got the treats locked up in a bin so I only get some after a stop and when she remembers to give me some.   So that's been the last day or so.  Even when we went to see the desert, I had to stay in the car because of all the prickly cactus stuff.  BORING!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Me in Pasadena with Buttercup

Here's a picture of me and Buttercup on the couch.  She's not supposed to be up here, but when our mommies went out we shared the couch.  Buttercup's daddy took our picture.  The next picture is me after Christmas dinner.  I was very relaxed. My "sister" says she's going to Photoshop me with a martini in my paw.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Moving Around

It's very confusing going from one house to another.  I think I have all the other dogs figured out though.  Buttercup likes my food and I like hers, except our mommies don't let us eat it.  To eat out of Buttercup's dish I have to stand up really tall and then go on one leg.  The mommies laugh at me.  At her son's house I get to eat before Zephyr and Eva because they eat very late.  They're jealous of me.  I feel sorry for them.  The house is very small, but nice. We went for a good walk up in the hills of Sierra Madre.  If my mommy and I were in better shape we could climb up to Mt. Wilson from there.

I really like my pillow and it goes with me everywhere.  Sometimes my head goes on it and sometimes I use it to lean on.  My mommy moves it from the couch to our bed and back.  Today I had to stay at home while SHE went out.  It was OK because Buttercup had to stay too.  I stayed on the couch on my pillow. SHE says we're going home soon and have to drive and drive again.  I used to like road trips much better than I do now.