Saturday, July 30, 2011

SHE is Sad

I don't like it when SHE is sad.  SHE doesn't take me out for long walks and forgets my eye drops.  I did get to go over and see Oscar this morning when SHE went to visit my friend in the hospital.  Oscar and I understand each other really well now.  We rub noses when we meet and I never chase him anymore. He doesn't seem to mind my being in the house at the same time he is.

The people at the churches are all very nice to me.  There are some girls who like to pet me and that's ok, but I keep hoping They'll give me a treat even though SHE said not to give me any.

I'm not sure about our long drives though.  Most of the time I sleep, but I do get restless.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

I'm A Church Dog Again

After only one night at home, SHE put me in the car and we drove and drove.  Turned out we were back in a place I know and a house I know.  Even though it was pretty hot, I slept really well at the side of HER bed.  SHE put on a fan that blew nice air my way.  The very nice person who took care of me taught HER to put chopped fresh tomatoes in my kibble along with cooked veggies and a bit of cooked hamburger.  That makes a wonderful dinner and I eat it all.  For some reason they've stopped giving me very many treats during the day, so I have to eat my dinner all up.

Both SHE and I were soooo tired on Friday night that we both slept until 9 in the morning.  Most of the day was pretty boring, but I did get to visit my friend Pat and spend some time at her house.  Oscar the cat was outside so I didn't have to share the attention.

I slept near HER feet during church and when SHE gave the sermon I must admit I snored.  That seems to make people smile.  It's just that I feel good when I hear HER voice.  I'm glad they don't mind my being there.  I really hate to be all alone in some room.  After SHE talked with some people we got back into the car and drove and drove and drove again.

Now we're back home and I just finished a nap.  Long drives are tiring.  She has promised that we'll go next door and sit on the restaurant's deck and SHE will have some fish for dinner while I sit and watch sea gulls.  I've been told I cannot have any more hot dogs.  Drats!