Saturday, January 30, 2010

Just Try to Put Those Mittens on Me Again

I had HER swipe this picture of me from Bailey's Buddy.  Don't you think it's a great likeness.  See what a tough dog I am.

It has been very cold here the last few days.  It's hard to stay outside very long.  Most of the snow has gone and the roads are clear, but unless I wear mittens (she calls them my shoes), my paws just don't like going on walks and I fight her every time she tries.  Guess SHE'll have to be satisfied with short trips to the yard and rides in the car.

It's also nice to sleep on the couch, look out the front window and beg for treats.  Maybe I won't have to beg if I use this "gat."  Oh, and SHE says I can't smoke indoors.

UPDATE (from mommie):  Izzie has one paw that I think suffered frostbite in the time before we became companions.  She really can't stand severe cold on that paw.  One time in Wyoming I had to carry her to the house when she sat in the middle of the road and tucked her paws under her.  She tries to kick off any type of dog footwear I put on her.  Right now it's pretty dry so it's not so hard on her.

Monday, January 18, 2010

A Snowy Day

It's snowing a lot today.  I don't do walking in deep (more than 6 inches) snow.  I do like to snuggle with my new pillow.  I'm waiting for HER to fix me lunch.  After that I plan on snoozing some more.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


I just don't have the energy to post today.  I need my sleep.  SHE keeps trying to get me to go outside and pee, but I'm not ready.  I promised I won't go on the floor.  I got scolded at Desi and Luci's house because I kept going on the floor, even after I went outside.  I was afraid SHE was going to leave me there and Luci kept pestering me to play.  When my mommie and her friend went out to go to the gym and then have lunch I stayed in the car, which was better than staying alone in the house.  At least I know SHE's coming back to the car.

I haven't had any food since yesterday.  Yesterday was tough.  What I liked was the toll taker when we came into Maine gave me a little treat.  Most of the rest of the trip was boooring.  Just a few walks at rest areas and a hot dog at one stop.

I did like coming to our house.  First I sniffed around outside.  There's snow everywhere, but it's not too deep.  Then I inspected the house.  Everything seems to be here.  We slept in our bed and I really didn't want to get up, but SHE carried me downstairs.

UPDATE: 5 pm  I finally went outside.  First I drank a whole bunch of water and deigned to eat my kibble with cheese. I do feel better, but it's time for another nap.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Living the Good Life

It was really fun visiting with Grandmere Mimi and Grandpere.  They know how to treat a dog very well.  They have a dog too, her name is Diana, but we were only allowed to meet through the fence and the windows.  They were afraid I might get hurt, but I really know how to hold my own.  Of course they were all worried about my surgery, but I feel really good right now.  When we got to Thibadoux it was late afternoon, my mommy and Grandmere spent all the time talking and drinking wine. I curled up on the ottoman to listen to them and to sleep.  It was just my size.  I also liked going outside in the front yard.  There are lots of good smells, especially along the fence to the backyard.  Finally we went to bed and I climbed the stairs just fine.  We both slept really well.

The next day I got bacon for breakfast and not only that I got the bacon fat poured on my kibble.  Boy did that taste really good.  Grandpere is a good cook. SHE and Grandmere went to church and I stayed home with Grandpere, who was really nice to me.

They shut me in the kitchen when they left to go out and eat, but I butted the door to the family room open with my head and was sitting on the couch when they came back.  That way Diana and I could talk through the french doors.  She was in the yard and we barked at each other every now and then.  I really got nice treats to eat at Grandmere's, some ham and some buttered toast.  If you hadn't noticed it food is VERY important to me (good food that is).  SHE and I took an afternoon nap while Grandmere went to a concert and then the talking started again, but not before they took pictures of me.  I asked mommie to steal one from Grandmere's blog and she decided it should be the one of me on the nice red ottoman.  I heard I've been promoted from princess to queen.  I think that's proper.  SHE's a good lady-in-waiting, at least most of the time.

We left early the next morning and did another one of those boring days except this time it turned dark and I decided to sleep on the floor next to my nice little pillow.  We got to mommie's friend's house and when I went inside I met Squanto the cat.  He didn't like me at all and ran and hid.  Of course I had to chase him.  He went under the bed and wouldn't come out until today.  Today I went outside a bit and showed my mommie all the good places to sniff.  I've also slept a lot.  Mommie's friend laughs at me. We had pizza for dinner.  I love pizza.  Of course I had to eat some kibble since they only gave me little bits.

I've been told we're leaving tomorrow morning for another long drive, although SHE says it won't be too bad.  We're going to stop after only five hours (SHE promised).  I think SHE wants to go home and you know, I think I do too.  I love road trips, but home is so nice.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Sorry Everybody This Trip is Boring

I'm sorry there's nothing interesting from my point of view.  We get up in the morning.  We drive a bit.  SHE goes in somewhere to have breakfast.  I get a slice of bacon when SHE comes out.  We drive some more and get gas and I get to walk around a bit.  I listen to her singing at the top of her lungs while we drive some more.  We stop for lunch.  I get a small hamburger.  We drive some more. I get to walk at a rest stop.  We find a place to stay.  I eat my dinner and we get into bed after a quick trip outside to pee.  I go to sleep and SHE usually watches the weather channel, although last night SHE watch some re-runs of Chuck.  Her son-in-law works on that program.

SHE says that we'll get at least as far as San Antonio today.  By the time we get there we won't have time to do any visiting of sites.   Oh, and she's got the treats locked up in a bin so I only get some after a stop and when she remembers to give me some.   So that's been the last day or so.  Even when we went to see the desert, I had to stay in the car because of all the prickly cactus stuff.  BORING!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Me in Pasadena with Buttercup

Here's a picture of me and Buttercup on the couch.  She's not supposed to be up here, but when our mommies went out we shared the couch.  Buttercup's daddy took our picture.  The next picture is me after Christmas dinner.  I was very relaxed. My "sister" says she's going to Photoshop me with a martini in my paw.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Moving Around

It's very confusing going from one house to another.  I think I have all the other dogs figured out though.  Buttercup likes my food and I like hers, except our mommies don't let us eat it.  To eat out of Buttercup's dish I have to stand up really tall and then go on one leg.  The mommies laugh at me.  At her son's house I get to eat before Zephyr and Eva because they eat very late.  They're jealous of me.  I feel sorry for them.  The house is very small, but nice. We went for a good walk up in the hills of Sierra Madre.  If my mommy and I were in better shape we could climb up to Mt. Wilson from there.

I really like my pillow and it goes with me everywhere.  Sometimes my head goes on it and sometimes I use it to lean on.  My mommy moves it from the couch to our bed and back.  Today I had to stay at home while SHE went out.  It was OK because Buttercup had to stay too.  I stayed on the couch on my pillow. SHE says we're going home soon and have to drive and drive again.  I used to like road trips much better than I do now.