Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Our New House

SHE is making me move again.  SHE promises it is the last time, but I'm not sure I trust her.  We have lived in 9 different places since we became companions.  SHE told me she bought this house and it is ours. It is very scary though.  I don't see very well and I don't know my way around and even though there are not too many stairs, I don't know them.  Today SHE put me in an LL Bean boat bag and carried me down the stairs. That was ok.  I could snuggle in the bottom and just rest.  None of our furniture is there yet and I don't have to sleep there for a few more nights.  I do love the yard though.  It is very big and I can sniff to my hearts content.

The pictures were the ones that SHE said attracted her to the house.  That is not our stuff, but you can see what it looks like.