Monday, April 19, 2010

Two Churches in Two Days

I got to go to two churches in two days. I like going to churches because it usually means food.  I know how to keep quiet during prayers because voices change and they all speak together.  I did get a few goodies and in the second church there were lots of people sitting around tables eating, but only my SHE gave me anything.  I guess they just don't know me very well.  I tried looking cute, but nada.  So mostly I just slept under the table and snored during the meetings.  I was SO glad when we finally left and went home.  We were both so tired after all that driving on Sunday that we didn't do very much.  SHE took a long nap and so did I.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Home at Last

Finally I'm home again. The kennel/spa was nice, but home is better.  I did like my new friend Rex, who is a Jack Russell Terrier.  We enjoyed walking together.  There were some other nice dogs too.  When I saw my mommie I ran over and jumped on her and when she bent over I kissed her and whined and carried on so she would know that I really did miss her.  I sat in her lap all the way home and did some more crying.  It's so hard for me to be away from her.  She says she missed me too.  I am not letting her out of my sight for a while.  I went with her to the grocery store and then for a little walk.  I'm getting very good at walks again.  I'm not nearly as stiff when we finish as I was for a while.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Letter to Izzie

Dear Izzie,

Today I went to visit your friend Daisy and her human Liz.  Daisy is a year older than you and she has arthritis and is going blind, but she remembered me and was sniffing all over me, I think to see if your smell was there.  She is just as nice as she's always been and I'm sure she was confused that you were not with me.  I gave her a hug for you and she sends you a woof.  Bella was also there and is getting older too. Remember she was our landlady's dog in Sausalito.  Bella was spending a few days with Liz and Daisy since her human was away. She also remembered us and sends a woof too.

Yesterday I went over to the church in Sausalito and people asked about you.  It was nice to see how well they've done since our interim there.  It's been very rainy the last few days, but we have had sunny spaces in between.  David and I had lunch at a nice Italian restaurant there after church and then a rainy trip across the bay.  I've finally adjusted to the time and now I leave tomorrow.  Oh, well.

I heard from the lady who runs the kennel this morning that your other eye is infected too.  We need to go to your vet again as soon as I get home. In the meantime, let her put the medicine in both eyes.  I was happy to know though that you've made a friend at the doggie spa.  It's always good to have someone to pal around with.  I am looking forward to meeting your new buddy when I pick you up on Wednesday.

Be good,

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Letter to Izzie

Saturday evening
Dear Izzie,
After such glorious weather since my arrival, it's turned cloudy and cool.  It's supposed to rain tomorrow.  I did some work on my thesis project, got a little exercise in (hope you did too—remember you're supposed to lose a few pounds) and spent a lot of time talking with David. Started Anne Lamott's Imperfect Birds. Not much more news today. Be a good girl. Miss you, sweetie.


Doggie Spa

I think she sent me to the spa this week to lose a little weight.  I have my own room with a bed and chair (and I brought my favorite pillow).  I have to go out and take walks with the other dogs twice a day and I'm supposed to play in the yard.  SHE only left kibble for me to eat and some cheese to put on it.  I'm trying to be sweet so the nice spa lady will let me sit on her lap.  Oh, and I don't have a thyroid problem.  The vet said after she comes home they need to check for Cushing's Disease, but we can't do anything until I settle back down at home. That's all the news from me.

News from HER

Dear Izzie,

I went to see my advisor at CDSP to suggest an addition to my thesis.  I don't think the data I've gathered is enough for a good paper and Rob Voyle gave me the idea of asking people he's trained in Appreciative Inquiry and are doing Transition Ministry (Interim) work to use my protocol and give me feedback.  I will meet with another professor on Monday to see if she will serve on the committee since the third member is no longer at CDSP.

I spent the first night at my friend David's house and after going over to CDSP I drove up to Sebastapol to see Rod and Mary.  Rod has just retired.  We talked and reminisced about our classmates in seminary and shared wonderful meals together.  They're great hosts.

I'm now back at David's.  When I returned I convinced him to get a Wii Fit so he can work on his balance.  I've found that to be really helpful for me.  We're going over to All Saint's for the 8 am service and Sausalito for the late service tomorrow and then lunch with Liz.

I'll be back late Tuesday and pick you up Wednesday morning.  Be a good girl.