Monday, February 28, 2011

This bitch is getting old and it is a b..

I seem to be able to hear less and less. If I'm sound asleep I don't know SHE's left the room. I can't even seem to figure out which room SHE's in unless I see her. I think that is what is making me so anxious. That and the fact that I had to in the kennel for three weeks, then SHE came back and it was gone for a few weeks and then I had to go back to the kennel for another week. I do not know why she calls it the doggie spa. Yes, I do like being around the other dogs, and the nice lady who owns the place is very good to me, but I miss my HER. I slept really close especially after the first trip. Then the day she took me back to the kennel I peed on the floor, something I never do. I guess I was nervous when I saw my little bag being packed.

After she came back I've been having a really hard time. I spend most of the night under the little bed instead of in the big bed with her. I also need to go outside at two am. SHE is not happy about that, because it has been really cold and snowy. I don't take too long though. Last night I came up on her bed and had an accident before SHE could get up. (Izzie's also peed on the carpet earlier in the day). I went outside with HER but really didn't need to do anything. SHE then spent a lot of time taking everything off the bed and starting the washing machine. We then slept on the couch.

Today I have to wear doggie diapers in the house. Thank goodness SHE took them off before we went outside after lunch. Boy the weather was not nice: a mixture of rain and snow. I only stayed out just long enough to pee. SHE did not embarrass me; SHE took the diaper off before we went outside. Now SHE says I have to go see the doctor tomorrow, And I have to wear the diapers. I think getting old is really a bitch.