Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Me and Buttercup: Training a Young Dog

Buttercup is only a year old.  I'm teaching her how to get up on the furniture to be comfy and that it's ok to beg for food at the table.  I don't know why everybody is mad at me.  We're getting to be friends and I think we should share things.  When my mommy gives me a treat, she should give one to Buttercup too.  Sometimes Buttercup's mommy doesn't agree.  I think that's not nice.  This morning we both got "Happy Hips" after we went outside to pee.  I always get one first thing in the morning.  Buttercup really doesn't need them like I do, but they're really tasty since they're jerky made from chicken.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Out Walking Again

This morning I went out for part of the walk with Buttercup.  I led the way.  I can walk pretty fast. It felt really good to be out and about.  My mommy made us come back early.  SHE says I shouldn't overdo it and she promises we'll go a bit farther every day.  When we got back I took a nice rest on the couch.  This afternoon we're going over to see her son and grandson and spend the night.  That means I get to walk with Zephyr and Eva tomorrow.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Day After Christmas

I didn't really appreciate the Christmas dinner.  I don't like lobster and that's what they had. They were very lively things.  Fortunately none of them got on the floor, although one of them used its tail to splash my mommy. I settled for a little kibble, but what kind of Christmas dinner is that for a dog?  Not even any cheese as an appetizer.

After dinner all the people sat around and watched a basketball game.  My mommy's daughter has a father-in-law who is so very, very nice.  I sat on his lap for a while and felt so peaceful and comfy.  Even after they left, I still felt really good. I was so relaxed that I got my picture taken.  When we get a copy I'll post it.

My mommy's daughter gave me a wonderful little pillow that I use on the couch and bed.  It's really hers but I took it over and now it's mine.  She says she'll buy a new one for herself.  People use them on airplanes. It's small like me and is filled with little grains of something that I can push around to suit me.

This morning I'm napping on the couch.  Buttercup and her mommy and daddy go for a four mile walk every morning.  I prefer the couch.  SHE says I've got to start taking long walks again, but we'll see.  I do still hurt a little in my back.  I'm good about letting her put me on the couch, though.  I did manage the stairs at her son's house.  They have carpet, so they're not as hard for me to do as the ones in Damariscotta.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Another Bit of Mischief

It started out like most of our days on the road, but right after lunch we stopped.  After a while we went off on some side roads and it went on forever.  SHE stopped to get gas and go to the bathroom and I am strong enough to jump out of my car seat again.  So I went in the back and emptied out all the bags I could find.  I ate my fill of dog treats and drank all the water in my dish and tore up some old MacDonald's bags and found my favorite toy, the hedgehog.  Then I got on the back seat and took a nap.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunshine on the Road

There was lots of sun today.  We left the last place in Missouri just before it got light.  This morning when SHE stopped for breakfast I had to stay in my car seat.  I did get some bacon though.  I didn't feel like drinking much water while we were driving, but when we got to the motel, I drank and drank and drank.  We drove through Oklahoma into the Texas Panhandle and are staying in a place called Amarillo.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Little Bit of Mischief

I had a wonderful time in the car today.  SHE went to a Denny's for breakfast and let me run around the back of the car.  SHE forgot there was a bag with goodies in it and I got into it.  I'm really good at using my teeth to get things out of bags.  I opened a box of kleenex, but there wasn't anything good to eat there so I also found a box that SHE yelled at me about.  It was something called a brioche mix and I got the package opened and took the mix out of the box, but I couldn't open the mix.  It smells pretty good.  Then I found a package of peppermint sticks and tried to open it, but couldn't.  When SHE came out of the restaurant she brought me a piece of bacon.  SHE gave it to me anyway, even though SHE also yelled. That was really good.  I then got a little walk and we got gas for the car and I had to go in my seat.  Then we just drove and drove again.  Later SHE bought me a plain hamburger at  Burger King.  Now I don't have to eat much kibble for dinner.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Lexington, Kentucky

SHE's tired.  We didn't get as far as SHE would have liked, but it was starting to get dark and it was raining very hard, so we're now in a motel.  They let doggies stay here and even though I slept a lot today, I could sleep some more.

Last night we stayed with Uncle Donald in Baltimore.  He and Janet were very nice.  I was a little upset when he carried me into the house and my mommy was still getting things out of the car, so I accidentally peed on a rug.   I do like Uncle Donald.  He visited us in Maine a couple of years ago.  He took me for a nice walk after I got there.  Then he gave me some great pot roast with carrots and potatoes.  Uncle Donald and Janet have three cats.  They didn't like me being there, but I didn't care.  We left early because SHE was afraid of a snow storm.  I guess there will be some snow in the morning.  We hope there won't be too much and that the roads are ok.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Road Trip Again

We are packing up all my stuff so I can go on a road trip. SHE tells me we're going to California to see her son and daughter.  I know them and I've visited before, so that's just fine.  She's trying to explain how many nights we need to spend in motels, and it sounds like a lot.  I don't mind though because SHE's there.

I have a nice seat in the car so I can see out the window.  Unfortunately it also has a hook-thing to attach to my collar so I can't jump out.  Not that I really think I can do that right now.  I'm making sure SHE doesn't leave me behind.  I follow her everywhere and am keeping a good eye on the suitcases.  I have my own special bag that has food and treats in it.  It also has my name on it.

I'm still recovering from a very busy day yesterday.  I'm tired and I'm content just resting. It's also very cold and windy outside so I don't want to spend a lot of time there.  Tomorrow I have to get up really early so we can spend the night with her brother in Baltimore.  She says after that we're on our own.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A New Look

Last night we slept upstairs in the comfy bed.  SHE went up first and then called me.  I didn't know at first if she wanted me to go up the stairs.  The last time I tried I got yelled at.  But it seemed like that is what SHE wanted so I went up.  I was pretty slow. I had to zig zag up, getting all of my body on one step before I did the next.  My pillow was on the bed and I thought it was wonderful.  I stayed next to it all night.  This morning SHE carried me down the stairs.  I really wasn't up to it.  I was scared.  Then SHE took me to the beauty parlor (that's what SHE calls the place dogs go to get a bath and haircut).  The lady there was very nice to me, but now my hair is really short and I have to wear a jacket outside.

This afternoon we're going to see my mommy's bishop.  They're going to talk about her CREDO stuff. SHE said I could come too, woo hoo!  I've met Bishop Steve before at the Interim's and Consultant's Meetings and he's very nice.  I saw him at the party after Ben's ordination too. He even asked about me when I was sick.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

It's very snowy out.  SHE had to shovel the snow off the back steps (all two of them) before I would go outside and pee.  I'm not stupid.  I like to know where I'm stepping.  The steps are not very high and are real easy for me to use.  SHE started a fire in our fireplace (she's good at that as you can tell be the picture) and we're both sitting around watching the fire.  I'm doing a lot of sleeping.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Legs Are Doing Fine

Yesterday the doctor took the staples out of my back.  She says I'm not supposed to jump or climb for a long time yet (about 2 1/2 more weeks).  It's very boring.  My back legs are working pretty well.  I don't loose my step as much as I did for a while.

SHE carried me upstairs and downstairs today so SHE could take a bath.  I like to sit next to the tub and when SHE comes out I lick her legs.  If SHE leaves me behind I bark and bark and bark.  I'm a companion dog and I like to companion.  Can't do that unless you're with someone, right?

Saturday, December 5, 2009

No Pictures Please

SHE has been snipping off my hair with scissors.  SHE says it's because I have matts and I can't go to the groomer.  Now, not only do I have a bald patch on my back, I have a VERY bad haircut.    SHE hasn't tried to cut around my face so she laughs at me and says I'm a fuzzy face. That's not nice to laugh at a dog who can't help it. She says after I get staples out on Monday she will have me groomed.

The other thing is SHE isn't feeding me enough.  I seem to be hungry ALL the time.  It seems like the medicine makes me want to eat a lot.  I also am drinking a lot of water so I need to go outside every four hours or so.  The nice thing is SHE has to stay around the house to take care of me.

I'm walking a lot better.  SHE went upstairs yesterday and didn't block the stairs very well so I got up about four stairs before SHE found out.  After getting yelled at and trying to go down, SHE picked me up and carried me down.  I really can do it myself.  (No Izzie can not.  Her back legs still are not strong enough)