Thursday, May 14, 2009

Finally, Me at My Party

O.K.  I finally got my human to download the picture of my party guests and me.  They're a nice bunch of ladies who know how to treat a dog well.  And I do mean treat.  I have a very nice understanding of words and "treat" is among them.  When these very nice ladies come to the church I sniff their handbags to see if there might be something good in them.  My friend the Cheese Lady couldn't be at my party, but she makes sure I get cheese on the Sundays that she does the coffee hour.

I also like the people at the early service.  They have their coffee hour before we go into the church.  They make really good stuff.  One of the men brought me a whole bag of dog biscuits for my birthday, even though he didn't come to the party.  It was such a big bag I decided to share with the dogs whose people come to our food pantry.  I also gave them some dog food.  I prefer people food, myself.  My human says I'm a "foodie."  I think that's good, isn't it?

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