Friday, July 17, 2009

Oh boy! Something is going on. My human is packing up everything in the house as fast as she can go. I'm not letting her out of my sight. The only bit of sanity was when we went over to the church. The ladies were having their Summer Fair and were serving lunch. Everybody said hello to me and I sniffed around to make sure I knew everybody. There was a strange dog there. Kind of looked like the one that bit me two years ago. Didn't like that dog at all. I asked her to leave. I don't know why SHE gets mad when I growl. I got a hot dog. SHE only let me have only one, but I know there were more in the kitchen.

They really spruced up the yard at the church while I was gone and they put in this funny pole with a whirly thing on top. SHE said it was a wind turbine. I made my usual tour of the grass and went over to see if there was anything new in the neighbor's yard.

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