Monday, June 28, 2010

The Move

OK, I do like our deck.  It is nice to sit out in the cool breezes.  I also like to nibble on the thyme. I do not like not being able to go into the coffee shop downstairs.  One day I escaped and ran in.  SHE didn't shut the door well, so I butted it open and dashed down the stairs. But she scooped me up before I could get very far inside.  She was in front of the door to the coffee place, about to get another load of stuff from the car. The man who runs the place is very nice, but he said doggies can't go into places that serve food.

This move is stressful for a little dog.  SHE has been trying to help me get used to the place, but moving back and forth between the house and apartment is confusing.  We are now sleeping at the apartment and waiting for movers to come to move the big furniture.  We sleep on a couch that turns into a bed.  I like the nice air that comes into the windows, it's pretty quiet until morning and even then I have no problem sleeping until after seven.  Then SHE insists we get up so SHE can have coffee.

I still don't like being left alone, but last night SHE went out to dinner and a movie with friends and it wasn't AWFUL (well maybe a little bit).  We walked along the water when SHE came back and that was nice.

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