Monday, March 12, 2012


We got to go back to Bar Harbor.  I knew where we were, but I can't go down the stairs anymore. I just don't see well enough and SHE doesn't like me whimpering and shaking, which I need to do to get up enough courage to try.  I guess I really need for her to carry me.  I can go up stairs though. A nice lady kept me with her during the services so I couldn't help HER at the altar this time.  It was ok.  I had enough treats and I stayed nice and quiet. Coffee hour was pretty good, there were some bits of cheese left for me and I wiped up part of the floor eating bits of cheese and crackers that people dropped.


  1. Izzie, how good it is to hear from you! We Cats were wondering about you and concerned for your health. Do the best you can with the stairs, but let HER carry you as needed. Happy to hear that you are still enjoying coffee hour treats!

  2. Tell all the cats, "thank you" for me. I sleep a lot now and prefer to go for a drive when we go out. Short walks are ok, but long ones tire me out. Our yard is good. I know how to get around there.