Friday, April 17, 2009

Loons and Walks and Snacks

It's so nice that spring is here.  There's no more snow to pee on and the ducks and loons are returning.  SHE pointed out two loons on the open water at the edge of the pond but my hair has grown so long I can't see through it very well.  We are now walking to church instead of driving in the car.  It's nice to find out where all the other dogs in town are peeing and to sniff out how they're doing and I make sure that I leave my calling card as well.

I get tied up while SHE goes into the Post Office to pick up her mail, but lots of people I know stop to pet me so it's not lonely.  Today it was so very windy, though, that the rope on the flag pole was banging and making me nervous.  We stopped at the book store and it was open so SHE could order a book.  I don't know why SHE didn't let me snoop around more.  I love to snoop.  You never know when a stray dog biscuit will show up.  I got one at the bank.  All we need to do is go to the drive-up window.

I like to hide dog biscuits around the house so when I feel like having a snack I know where to find them.  I especially like the sofa, but sometimes they fall in between the pillows.  If I work at it long enough SHE gets the idea and comes and retrieves them for me.  You know SHE's not very bright.  SHE doesn't seem to be able to smell where I put them.  Humans really need a lot of help.

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