Sunday, April 26, 2009

On a Sunny Afternoon

This is me relaxing after a hard day of watching humans play dominos.  I also got to visit with another  human friend.  She made me scrambled eggs, but I wasn't very hungry that morning.  I was real glad when I found my human waiting for me after such an exhausting day.  SHE was very tired too, but I made her laugh by licking her face.  I don't know why she makes faces when I do that.  It was good to be able to run around my own yard yesterday afternoon.  I went into the woods behind the house and then walked the perimeter to be sure we didn't have any intruders.  It was so nice and warm that my human and I ate our supper out on the deck.  Last night was very noisy.  The frogs are making an awful racket when the sun goes down.

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