Monday, October 12, 2009

I Am Not A Pumpkin!

OK, that really was going too far. SHE dressed me as a pumpkin and then paraded me all over town. Now I must admit I liked all the attention, but really, does that woman have no shame? No self-respecting dog would dress in orange and green and look so fat. I think I look much better in my basic black dress. It's much classier. In addition, that dumb hat kept falling over my eyes. SHE finally took my ears out of the holes and pushed the hat back so I could see. A nice lady at the restaurant gave me some water and I got the eat the rest of the kid's hamburger, so it wasn't a total loss. The picture is of me sitting on the deck of the restaurant waiting for food, or some action. Humans can be pretty boring at times. All there was to do was watch the gulls.

After we ate we walked over to where the pumpkin boat races were being held. The kid got to sit on his dad's shoulders to see what was happening, but I got to sniff all the great smells on the ground. They had this monster pumpkin in a truck and there were lots of people milling around and dropping bits of food on the ground. That part was fun. Then we all walked home and took naps. I didn't have to wear my costume for my nap.


  1. I must agree, Izzie. Orange and green are not your colours. However glad it brought you lots of attention especially treats to eat.

  2. Thank you Mr. Brian. I'm glad someone understands.