Friday, October 16, 2009

Hooray for Hiking!

I love hiking. The first time SHE took me hiking was in Wyoming where we met. We went on a path near a very cold mountain stream on a very hot day. Now I don't like water much and NEVER go swimming, but I needed to cool off, so when we came to a safe place that had some rocks to keep me from being swept away, I went in and put my tummy in the water. Boy did that feel good. Of course I got all sandy, but I really doubt I needed that bath to get rid of it. I'm sure it would have just fallen out. SHE was worried it would fall out on her bed, so she dumped me in the tub. Then SHE grouched because of all the sand she had to scoop out of the tub.

Anyway yesterday's walk was great. It was cold, so I didn't get too hot. SHE put an orange sleeve over my collar, but nobody could see it. I don't see why anyone would mistake me for a deer anyway. Most people seem to think I'm a tiny sheep. I don't believe in going off trail. I might get lost. It's hard enough keeping track of where SHE is and sniffing all the good things a dog can find on a trail. This used to be a road to an old farm. There are stone walls and a broken down shed in some places. Nice people gave the land to Maine so dogs like me can have nice walks.

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