Saturday, February 20, 2010

Is it SAD?

SHE and I have spent the last two weeks watching LOST.  HER excuse is that needed to catch up so SHE can go over to a friend's house on Tuesdays and watch the last season.  I think the real reason is that SHE's suffering from what people call SAD.  It happens a bit every year, but this year we don't have a church and SHE's not busy enough.  Of course I'm not either.  I like going over to church and bossing people around and getting lots of treats.  I miss sharing people's lunches and seeing who comes and goes.  I even miss listening to HER sermons.

At one of the meetings for the Haiti dinner this big dog who belongs to the choir director was there and I chased him downstairs.  That was fun.  He's a nice gentle dog, so it's easy to chase him away.  I know he was just trying to be friendly, but I wanted him to know who was boss.

I also went with her to a church that was a long drive away.  We talked to some people and SHE and the priest there went out to dinner and left me alone with some woman.  The woman tried to give me a snack that SHE left for me, but I wouldn't take it.  I didn't know her. Then they came back and more people came and there was lots of talking, mostly by HER.  I did my usual sleeping under the table and then we left and drove home.  Only SHE took the wrong road and it took a while.  I think SHE said something about consulting, whatever that is.

SHE is not spending much time on the computer.  I think that  bright light SHE's been using all week might help cheer her up.  I noticed SHE's starting to exercise again.  I still don't do long walks, but I'm getting better.  My back legs are still a little weak, but they sure are better than before I had that awful surgery.  My hair has grown back in very well, but the hair over the scar is brown.  SHE says it looks interesting.

I think that in a week or so SHE will be back to her usual self and will start reading other people's blogs again.


  1. SHE really is doing better. Thank you to people who have contacted HER. It has made HER feel better.

  2. I have linked directly from my blog to your blog, Izzie so I so not have to wait for HER to direct me. You make sure you cheer HER up.

  3. Izzie, I am so sorry to hear that SHE is SAD! I can understand that because I get really down in the winter months and bounce back in the Spring. Daylight Saving Time begins on March 14 so that should help HER feel better. Meanwhile, your mission is to do things to make HER happy as only a good little Church Dog can do.

  4. Whiteycat, I thought it was HER mission to make me happy. But, ok, I suppose I have to do that. Otherwise how can SHE take care of me. After all SHE's supposed to be my lady-in-waiting. Grandmere tole me I'm a queen not a princess.