Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It's Stopped Raining

It was still raining this morning when we went out for our walk, so I had to wear my coat.  SHE says I don't have to wear it for a while.  It's supposed to keep getting warmer every day this week and no more rain.  Yea!

I'm not producing enough tears in my right eye (and I have a little infection there too), so SHE has to put two medicines in it every day now.  We'll see if I let HER.  I'm pretty strong you know and have a neat trick.  I put my head into HER lap so SHE can't get at my face.

We haven't heard from the doctor yet about my results, so SHE will have to tell you about them later after we hear.  I need a nap, then dinner.

UPDATE:  It doesn't seem to be a problem with my kidneys so the doctor lady is sending my blood out to be tested for a thyroid problem. (From Izzie's mom.  As I was about to publish the post there at the bottom was an ad for low thyroid.  Weird!)


  1. Oh, Izzie ... it is so nice to see you blogging again. However, I am sorry that you are having some health issues. Growing old is a bummer, but it beats the alternative. I hope you are being a good little doggie for HER. I know that SHE loves you very much. My cats and I will say people prayers and cat prayers that they find what is causing your problem.

    By the way, you look so cute in your red coat!

  2. Thank you whiteycat. I'll try to be better about blogging. I do wish we knew what is wrong with me. I hate it when I pee on the floor. It's so embarrassing! And thank you, I think I really am quite smart in my red coat.