Saturday, April 10, 2010

Doggie Spa

I think she sent me to the spa this week to lose a little weight.  I have my own room with a bed and chair (and I brought my favorite pillow).  I have to go out and take walks with the other dogs twice a day and I'm supposed to play in the yard.  SHE only left kibble for me to eat and some cheese to put on it.  I'm trying to be sweet so the nice spa lady will let me sit on her lap.  Oh, and I don't have a thyroid problem.  The vet said after she comes home they need to check for Cushing's Disease, but we can't do anything until I settle back down at home. That's all the news from me.

News from HER

Dear Izzie,

I went to see my advisor at CDSP to suggest an addition to my thesis.  I don't think the data I've gathered is enough for a good paper and Rob Voyle gave me the idea of asking people he's trained in Appreciative Inquiry and are doing Transition Ministry (Interim) work to use my protocol and give me feedback.  I will meet with another professor on Monday to see if she will serve on the committee since the third member is no longer at CDSP.

I spent the first night at my friend David's house and after going over to CDSP I drove up to Sebastapol to see Rod and Mary.  Rod has just retired.  We talked and reminisced about our classmates in seminary and shared wonderful meals together.  They're great hosts.

I'm now back at David's.  When I returned I convinced him to get a Wii Fit so he can work on his balance.  I've found that to be really helpful for me.  We're going over to All Saint's for the 8 am service and Sausalito for the late service tomorrow and then lunch with Liz.

I'll be back late Tuesday and pick you up Wednesday morning.  Be a good girl.



  1. Izzie, it appears that I'll need to put your blog on my feed instead of Mommie's if I want to get any news at all. I hope that the vets find out what's wrong with you and fix it.

    Mommie sounds very busy and also seems to be having a bit of fun without you. Still, you should be a good girl for the nice people at the doggie spa.

  2. Izzie, I'll ditto everything that Mimi just said. I have been very concerned about your health and having had no recent word until now has had me and the cats wondering how you are. Only a few more days and SHE will return. I do hope you are able to enjoy the doggie spa as much as possible. Once your Mommie returns I hope that your vet will be able to zero in on your problem and get you some help.

    Ongoing people and cat prayers are coming your way!

  3. Hi Izzie. I wondered about you when I saw SHE was in California. I have seen dogs on planes when I was in the USA but it is not allowed in my country, they have to travel as cargo, very humiliating. Prayers that your health problems will be easily solved.

  4. SHE does sound busy. I hear that SHE had a hard time getting on line, but that problem has been solved.

    Mimi, I think SHE prefers to put personal stuff on my blog.

    Whiteycat I really need the prayers.

    Thank you everybody for being concerned. Brian I would not like to travel as cargo and I'm just a bit too big to go under the seat. That's why we drove across the country in December and January.