Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'm Getting Better

I have been trying and trying to get my human to post something about me for ages.  So, here's what has been going on in my life.  First, I have been having a really bad time with arthritis.  I now have to get a shot  in my back every two weeks.  That is better than at the start of all this when I got a needle in me twice a week.  I still don't like it at all.  The next thing is that my eyes are much better.  I have new medicine that helps me produce tears and clean off my eyes.  I am getting a bit deaf though and don't like it when SHE leaves me alone.  I don't hear HER when SHE returns.

Two weeks ago I had to go back to my vet for my annual check-up.  I was told to loose 5 pounds.  I'm on reduced kibble and almost no snacks.  Barking at HER after I finish my kibble isn't working.  I was also told to eat fish oil, too.  That's not so bad because she puts the capsule into pill pockets, which I love. I need to go back to see the vet in a couple of weeks to see if the diet is working.  SHE told me last night after I ran all the way home on our walk, that I was sooooo good.  I even got a little treat.

It's a Dog's Life
Note from the scribe (better known as SHE):  It was wonderful to see Izzie running again.  I don't think she's done that since before her back problems.  I think we can attribute that to the fish oil.  I finally got around to getting some this week and after only two doses, we had the remarkable running.  I decided to take some myself, so our morning routine is a capsule of fish oil for each of us, other vitamins for me and a piece of chicken jerkey with glucosamine, chondroitin for Izzie.  I then put a third of a cup of kibble in her dish which she usually won't touch until evening when I add another third of a cup.  Then it's time for our morning walk followed by my cup of coffee while giving Izzie a tummy rub.

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