Monday, October 25, 2010

My visit with Pat, Oscar and Sally

SHE dropped me off in Millinocket last Wednesday.  The first thing that happened is that she and Pat disappeared for a while.  Turns out they went out to dinner.  Not only didn't they take me, but they didn't bring me anything back.  Oscar the cat was here.  He's ok, except I didn't like it when he went into the bathroom while she was using it and I got left outside.  I told him what for when they came out.  I think Oscar understood.  He knows that when I am there I am the boss.  Also I didn't like it when he tried to get HER to pat him.  I'm the only one who's supposed to get my tummy rubbed.  Oscar can sit on Pat's lap if he wants.

Pat took good care of me.  Sally came over to see me before SHE left for convention and I was so glad to see her.  Sally cooks me an egg when I come to visit.  Pat walked me down to Sally's house and I stayed there while Pat and her son went out to lunch.  I got my egg. Yummy.

I heard HER tell both Pat and Sally that I was on a diet and that they were not to give me treats.  What a bummer.  Nobody told the ladies at church on Sunday, though, so I got some nice dog biscuits from the people who sit across the aisle from Sally.  They remembered how much I like that.  Someone brought up the fact that I used to hide dog biscuits around the church just in case somebody forgot to bring some.  Sally laughed at the time the cloth over the altar was moving.  It was just me retrieving a biscuit at the Tuesday morning service.

We were both tired Sunday night when we got home and I didn't even feel like eating anything.  Maybe the diet is working.

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