Tuesday, March 22, 2011


The vet did all kinds of tests on me and didn't find anything wrong, so now I'm on an anti-anxiety pill. I take it at night before we go to bed.  I don't like sleeping in the bed with HER any more.  I'm more comfortable on the floor under the bed.  I still like my morning tummy rubs though and I climb up next to HER so she can do it.

I didn't want to go to church on Sunday, so I stayed in and slept.  SHE told me that the ladies at the church missed me.  I don't know if my hard time seeing and hearing is making me anxious.  I do know I don't like HER leaving without my knowing about it. Some nights I sleep on the living room couch so I can know if SHE leaves.  If I'm really sleeping, though, I don't really know.


  1. I would be anxious if I couldn't hear or see very well. I hope the meds help. And I'll say a little prayer that you can conquer the anxiety and learn to relax, even when SHE isn't home.

  2. I hope so too. Thank you for prayers.

  3. Izzie, the cats and I are so sorry to hear of your troubles. SHE hardly ever blogs any more so we had stopped checking. Something told us to check today. Growing old is not fun, but beats the alternative as they say.

    I hope your medication helps. Stay calm and enjoy life. Tell HER to give you a bacon treat once in a while!

    Human and cat prayers are sent your way.