Monday, May 23, 2011

A Very Long Trip

We went north to Houlton, ME.  It's the north end of I-95, just before the Canadian border.  SHE celebrated at Good Shepherd and I stayed in the car.  Of course we did spend the night in the rectory.  I didn't know my way around and bumped into the bedroom wall after she turned out the lights.  I think I thought we were at home, and I don't see too well anymore. So SHE picked me up and put me on the bed.  That was better.

I did get to go to coffee hour and had a taste of an egg salad sandwich and a bit of cheese.  After coffee hour we drove and drove and drove. (US Route 1 goes across the top of Maine and then down the coast)  Finally SHE stopped for dinner.  I got some chicken pieces and a wonderful drink of ice water.  SHE also let me walk around a bit.  I was tired so I slept on the back seat for a while.  We got home just before dark.

Along the way we saw a young moose eating grass along the edge of the road and a turkey. Lots of people were taking advantage of the sunny day to mow their lawns.

Today I was very tired and we didn't get up until after 8 in the morning.  It was a bit rainy, but I enjoyed our morning walk.

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