Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Dog's Life

This was in the e-mail my newest BFF and all-round wonderful lady who is taking care of me sent to HER while SHE is off somewhere.  They say SHE is helping out a friend who is sick and needs an operation, but I really can't complain.  I have it really good here.

Re Her Royal Highness reigning pre-eminently.  Her appetite and ALL bodily functions are great. I've been working on the black tarry "stuff" around her eyes and have made good advancement in it's removal (she doesn't exactly like the procedure.....but as the saying goes "O too bad.") She is happy with me afterwards when she gets her treat for good behavior.
She is sleeping in my bedroom with me at night alongside the bed.....happy as the proverbial clam.
Izzie accompanied me to Healing Service this morning (I was chalicing) so she was content to remain in the shade in the car (nice breeze from the water).....afterwards I took her for a short stroll and then back into Benedictine.  Came straight home afterwards.
A bit later I went back in to town to the market and left her here for the first time by herself as the temp. had risen and there is no shade in Hannaford's parking lot.  When I returned home she was curled up on the couch....promptly jumped off and came right over to me with tail wagging briskly.  Now she's giving me the eye and letting me know that I should end this and go downstairs and fix her will do as I am being asked. Don't worry about her ....she's being taken good care of and enjoys being loose in the yard when I'm out there with her.

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