Thursday, September 15, 2011

Acupuncture II

It wasn't nearly as scary the second time.  I think I have more energy and SHE says I sometimes bounce up the steps.  When we finished getting the needles I took HER to where the treats are and SHE bought me one.  I think I'm going to really like going to see this doctor.

This morning I sat in the car while SHE and some guys wandered around a house.  SHE says we will be moving soon, only this time into a house of our own.  It won't have very many stairs so it will be better for me.  SHE says that after we know if we can have the house SHE will write about it and show everybody some pictures.

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  1. Izzy, I hope you are doing well. Please say some doggie prayers for me and my cats. Our household is in total upheaval at this time. We need God's loving care and some human help as well.

    Say hello to HER for us and thank her for her prayers also.