Thursday, September 8, 2011


I went to see a lady doctor today who stuck needles in me.  Only a couple of them bothered me and I shook one of them out.  Mostly I just lay on the floor and rested.  The doctor said I would probably sleep a lot, but I don't think I'm sleeping any more than usual.  SHE got to stay with me in the room and I was very nervous at first.  I was really shaking, but the doctor gave me something that made me relax and it wasn't so bad.  I have to go back next week.  My legs are pretty stiff and hurt when she moved them about.

The doctor's office is in the back of my favorite dog treat place.  When we were leaving I smelled the best stuff in a bin and practically dove in to see what it was.  I pulled out a great big piece of beef jerky that was wrapped up and tried to get the wrapping off when SHE took it away.  SHE was very nice though and bought it for me and gave it to me when we got home.  It was soooooo good.

You know I think getting needles stuck in you isn't so bad if you can get a treat that is that good afterwards.  Do you think SHE will buy me one every week?  I know where they are and even though I can't see very well, I can find that stuff by smell.  Anywhere.  I know I can.  You don't think they will sell them all before next week do you?  That would not be fair.


  1. Prayers that the needles will help you walk more easily, Izzie. I doubt all the good treats will be sold by next week. There is probably another one with your name on it if you are as good as you were today.

  2. I go back tomorrow for another bunch of needles. I am feeling a lot better, although it took me a few days. I jumped into the car today and I haven't done that in ages. SHE likes it because SHE doesn't have to pick me up. I better get a good treat tomorrow. Today I spent a few hours with a couple of doggie friends and that was good.