Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My human left me alone last night for a while.  She seems to do that once a week. She says she sings with a group and she told me they worked hard last night.  It was something by Mozart called Misericordias Domini (I had her spell it).  She does a lot of singing around the house, too.  When she starts, I go to my bed for a nap. She insists I put some another group singing that music in here.  The group is about the same size as the one she sings with.  Of course her group isn't ready yet.

Her doctor told her to exercise more, but she won't go out and walk on icy roads, so she dances around the living room to Dixieland music.  She tries to get me to dance with her, but I only stand on my back legs if there is a treat offered.


  1. I am glad your human has a new 4 legged companion. I was concerned as I had not heard from her for quite a while.

  2. I am glad to meet you Mr. Brian. I really like people and dogs and cats too. I am trying to get my human to bring home a friend for me, but she is a bit resistant to this idea. I like it when people come to visit us and I love going in the car to visit.

  3. You are a cute little dog! I am glad that you have found a home with your human. I don't check back here much because she doesn't write very much. I hope you two are able to get out more once the weather warms up.

    Do you like cats? We have four of them here.