Monday, December 1, 2014

Our First Day at Church

I had a fun day yesterday. It started out with my human forgetting to put my collar on.  When we got to the church I had a great time running around the parking lot and over piles of snow.  SHE finally got me and made me go inside. It wasn't bad, although SHE figured out that my leash could also work as a collar, so I had to behave inside.  A nice lady took the leash and I sat with her and was very quiet even when SHE got up to talk.  Afterwards I got a bit of a cookie and went outside to pee. By that time the rain was icy, so it wasn't much fun outside.  We sat around for a while then a teen came in who loves dogs so I sat with her for another service.  Mostly I was quiet, but popped my head up when SHE talked.  Some more cookie and a bit of blueberry cake was my treat after that service.  People were happy to have me sit on their laps.  Some even gave me bits of things to eat, but no chocolate.  SHE warned people not to put coffee cups with cream in it anywhere I could get some.  I really do like coffee and cream.  SHE drinks hers black and I don't care for that at all.  Sometimes, though she drinks a nice tea and I will lick up what she doesn't drink.  I don't understand why SHE won't make me my own cup.  But I digress. After the treat hour people sat in a circle and I sat on this very nice lady's lap. Then I sat on her husband's lap.  I listened very carefully to what was being said.  Not sure I know what it was all about, but there was a lot of talking. I had a great day, but both of us were very tired by the time we got home.

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