Saturday, September 5, 2009


My new groomer is very nice. She let my hair dry naturally and she uses scissors instead of clippers. I really like the store where I had it done. The front part has lots of wonderful goodies for dogs (and cats). They even have homemade dog cookies. Most of them were much too big for me. SHE was looking at dog clothes. Fortunately I got her distracted. SHE said she was looking for a Halloween costume for me, but I really don't want a dress with frills and a matching hat. I think my little witches cap is just fine. We've used it the last two years. Maybe she'll forget about the dress and I can just wear the cap. That's bad enough. the problem with Halloween is all the kids who come to the door think I'm the cutest thing ever and I think they're frightening. Not only that they seem to want candy.

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