Saturday, September 12, 2009

She Threw Me in the Hoosegow

I'm in lockup and I don't know why. SHE and I had a good snuggle this morning before we got out of bed. I've really been a good doggie, so why did SHE do this to me. SHE said something about having to go on a trip, but I've always stayed with friends before. I don't know why we don't know anybody here yet who would like a nice snuggly dog like me for a week or so. I can even get along with cats. SHE brought my comfy bed that I like to use while we watch TV, and my squeeky moose. If SHE thinks that will make it ok, she's mistaken. I'm trying to figure out how to get on the good side of the people here. Maybe they'll let me go home. I'm pretty sure I know the way.

Oh, I got this message out by way of a very nice boxer. I had to give him one of my treats.

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