Sunday, November 8, 2009

Acadia's Sand Beach

I got to run on a beach for the first time in ages.  I think maybe since we left California.  Beaches have so many wonderful smells.  I do like smelly seaweed, but SHE wouldn't let me roll in it.  I also think the sand is fun to walk on.  It's easy on my legs.  SHE and her friend Jane (I like Jane, she gave me a McDonald's hamburger today—plain, nothing on it) took me on a nice long drive to a place called Acadia National Park.  I got to walk a bit and that was nice.  It was sunny and not really cold at all.  The stone stairs down to the beach were pretty easy for me to manage.  I think because they were so nice and deep.  I didn't worry at all about going down or up.  I would like to have a beach like that near where we live.

I like long drives when SHE lets me sleep on her lap.  Sometime I look out the driver's window and sometimes I sleep on my chair and sometimes I go into the back to see if maybe there's some food.  The McD's lady gave me a dog cookie as a treat.  That's because I lean very far out of the car window so they know I'm here and it often leads to a cookie.  It's a good trick.  Bank tellers sometimes have dog treats too.  Advice to my dog friends.  Always stick your head out the driver's window to let the drive-through people know you're there.

Now we're home and I have to eat kibble tonight.  You'd think SHE'd know by now that I hate kibble.  Maybe I'll nap first.  It was hard work being with humans all day.  I never really got to nap all that long.

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