Saturday, January 2, 2010

Moving Around

It's very confusing going from one house to another.  I think I have all the other dogs figured out though.  Buttercup likes my food and I like hers, except our mommies don't let us eat it.  To eat out of Buttercup's dish I have to stand up really tall and then go on one leg.  The mommies laugh at me.  At her son's house I get to eat before Zephyr and Eva because they eat very late.  They're jealous of me.  I feel sorry for them.  The house is very small, but nice. We went for a good walk up in the hills of Sierra Madre.  If my mommy and I were in better shape we could climb up to Mt. Wilson from there.

I really like my pillow and it goes with me everywhere.  Sometimes my head goes on it and sometimes I use it to lean on.  My mommy moves it from the couch to our bed and back.  Today I had to stay at home while SHE went out.  It was OK because Buttercup had to stay too.  I stayed on the couch on my pillow. SHE says we're going home soon and have to drive and drive again.  I used to like road trips much better than I do now.

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