Sunday, January 17, 2010


I just don't have the energy to post today.  I need my sleep.  SHE keeps trying to get me to go outside and pee, but I'm not ready.  I promised I won't go on the floor.  I got scolded at Desi and Luci's house because I kept going on the floor, even after I went outside.  I was afraid SHE was going to leave me there and Luci kept pestering me to play.  When my mommie and her friend went out to go to the gym and then have lunch I stayed in the car, which was better than staying alone in the house.  At least I know SHE's coming back to the car.

I haven't had any food since yesterday.  Yesterday was tough.  What I liked was the toll taker when we came into Maine gave me a little treat.  Most of the rest of the trip was boooring.  Just a few walks at rest areas and a hot dog at one stop.

I did like coming to our house.  First I sniffed around outside.  There's snow everywhere, but it's not too deep.  Then I inspected the house.  Everything seems to be here.  We slept in our bed and I really didn't want to get up, but SHE carried me downstairs.

UPDATE: 5 pm  I finally went outside.  First I drank a whole bunch of water and deigned to eat my kibble with cheese. I do feel better, but it's time for another nap.


  1. Izzie, dear, you've had a long trip and are entitled to a long nap. We cats spend a lot of time sleeping which is a good thing I guess. When we are awake and running all over the place we tend to get into trouble. Then our human gets upset and one of us ends up having to have a "time out" in the garage. Most of the time we all get along. We love reading about your travels and your work as a church dog.

  2. Thanks Whiteycat. I do need to sleep a lot since my trip. Also there's a lot of snow outside and SHE hasn't shoveled the walk yet, so i won't go out. It's fun snuggling with HER though.