Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Living the Good Life

It was really fun visiting with Grandmere Mimi and Grandpere.  They know how to treat a dog very well.  They have a dog too, her name is Diana, but we were only allowed to meet through the fence and the windows.  They were afraid I might get hurt, but I really know how to hold my own.  Of course they were all worried about my surgery, but I feel really good right now.  When we got to Thibadoux it was late afternoon, my mommy and Grandmere spent all the time talking and drinking wine. I curled up on the ottoman to listen to them and to sleep.  It was just my size.  I also liked going outside in the front yard.  There are lots of good smells, especially along the fence to the backyard.  Finally we went to bed and I climbed the stairs just fine.  We both slept really well.

The next day I got bacon for breakfast and not only that I got the bacon fat poured on my kibble.  Boy did that taste really good.  Grandpere is a good cook. SHE and Grandmere went to church and I stayed home with Grandpere, who was really nice to me.

They shut me in the kitchen when they left to go out and eat, but I butted the door to the family room open with my head and was sitting on the couch when they came back.  That way Diana and I could talk through the french doors.  She was in the yard and we barked at each other every now and then.  I really got nice treats to eat at Grandmere's, some ham and some buttered toast.  If you hadn't noticed it food is VERY important to me (good food that is).  SHE and I took an afternoon nap while Grandmere went to a concert and then the talking started again, but not before they took pictures of me.  I asked mommie to steal one from Grandmere's blog and she decided it should be the one of me on the nice red ottoman.  I heard I've been promoted from princess to queen.  I think that's proper.  SHE's a good lady-in-waiting, at least most of the time.

We left early the next morning and did another one of those boring days except this time it turned dark and I decided to sleep on the floor next to my nice little pillow.  We got to mommie's friend's house and when I went inside I met Squanto the cat.  He didn't like me at all and ran and hid.  Of course I had to chase him.  He went under the bed and wouldn't come out until today.  Today I went outside a bit and showed my mommie all the good places to sniff.  I've also slept a lot.  Mommie's friend laughs at me. We had pizza for dinner.  I love pizza.  Of course I had to eat some kibble since they only gave me little bits.

I've been told we're leaving tomorrow morning for another long drive, although SHE says it won't be too bad.  We're going to stop after only five hours (SHE promised).  I think SHE wants to go home and you know, I think I do too.  I love road trips, but home is so nice.


  1. Izzie, I believe you may be one of the best dogs in the world. And you look lovely against the red brocade. You make humans fall in love with you. And whatever you say about HER, I know that you love HER lots, because you never stay away from HER for long.

    I hope that you and SHE have a safe and comfortable trip home to Maine.

    Love to you,


  2. Thank you Mimi. I love you and Granpere too, but not as much as HER.

  3. Izzie, I just love reading about your visit to Grandmere's house. I told you they would probably give you some bacon. I see you did get some and other treats as well. I'm sorry that Squanto did not fully appreciate your charming self. Do not be too upset with him however.

    I hope that you and your Mommie have a safe remainder of your journey. I know very well that there's no place like home.

  4. Whiteycat, we had a pretty good day today. Squanto was not as afraid of me this morning, but he stayed on the bed. I feel so good, I can really run again and it's fun. I make HER run too. SHE says it's good for both of us. We're on the road again heading for home, but SHE wants to stop so I can see my friends Desi and Luci who are big black poodles. I like Desi, but Luci always wants to play and I don't. She's nice in other ways though.

  5. I am now staying with my sister and just read this out to her and she was very surprised you had bacon.
    I gave up bacon many years ago, it gives you cholesterol (ask Mummie what that is). Hope you enjoy your visits with Desi and Luci

  6. If it means I have to stop eating bacon, I will not tell HER what you said, Brian. I'm sure we dogs don't have the same problem with cholesterol as people. Besides when we get home I know there won't be any bacon. SHE doesn't keep it around the house except for special things.