Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Few Thoughts

Do you know what SHE told me today?  SHE said we're moving again.  I have lived in seven houses with HER.  Now home is where my mommie is, but this isn't fair.  I'm going to have to get used to a new place to walk and pee.  There will be lots more people around there and I never get to go off leash when I have to do my last trip outside for the night.  I do like to lie on the nice cool grass when it's warm.  It makes my tummy feel good.

Also SHE's making me walk two times a day now. SHE says I'm strong enough.  I refuse to go very far on the night walk though.  Just enough to do my duty.  In the morning I like a nice long walk and I think that's quite enough for the day.  SHE says I still need to loose a little weight.  SHE's cut back a lot on treats and is making me eat kibble.  I wait until just before bedtime just in case she cooks something for me.

My eye is still having problems, but the medicine to make tears seems to be working.  I don't like having an eye bath every morning, but it does help clean out the gunk.  I'm getting better at letting her put the medicine in.  I prefer drops to the salve, but I have to have some salve to make the tears.

Tomorrow we're going to a parade.  I like parades.  SHE says it's Memorial Day.  There are lots of flags at the cemetery and we see them on our morning walk. At parades we usually sit on a curb and watch people for a while and then we walk home.  They're not going to throw any candy, which I think is awful.  Most of the time I can get ahold of a Tootsie Roll when she isn't paying attention.  So we'll see if the parade is any fun if there's no candy.


  1. Good morning, Izzie! I hope you had a good time at the parade yesterday. We Cats don't do parades ... we just sleep through every holiday. Our Mom was going to grill a steak for dinner, but couldn't cuz we had very bad storms. Then we lost power so the house got very warm. We Cats tend to like a lot of heat but our Mom was quite uncomfortable.

    I am sure that you will adjust rapidly to your new living quarters. After all ... SHE will be with you and that's what really matters. Maybe SHE will even give you a bacon treat if you are a good doggie during the move. We know you are a good doggie the rest of the time.

    Enjoy the rest of your day and do go on those walks with HER.

  2. Hi Whiteycat. It sounds like the storm was not nice. I don't like thunder very much and I don't like heat. Sometimes if it's too hot I have to find a cool place for my tummy. I'll even go into shallow water to cool off.

    I like the idea of bacon. I'll see if she will buy some for us. That would be a good way for me to get used to the new place. I saw it yesterday, but there's nothing of ours in it yet.

    Sometimes the walks are too hard and I just stop and won't go any further. I'm happy to turn around and walk home.

    Thank you for thinking of me.