Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Isabelle and Rabbits

Two Rabbits (Kobi 19th Century) Wikimedia Commons.

My mommie has gotten addicted to LOST.  Every Tuesday evening she disappears for a couple of hours and I have to stay home alone. SHE says it's because the place SHE goes to watch it has a bunny rabbit named Hester.  Now I really like bunny rabbits.  They are so much fun to chase.  I really liked Wyoming because there were lots of rabbits who lived next door under an old barn and one of them used to come and wait for me at the edge of the driveway so when we came home from church I could chase him.

They're going to have a big party for the last show and I suppose I'll have to stay home alone then too.  It's just not fair.  SHE is worried Hester will have a heart attack if he sees me. (Hester is a boy rabbit).

I've decided that I really don't need to drink so much water after all.  I'm back to my old habits of just one bowl a day.


  1. Izzie, it is very wise on HER part to keep you away from bunnies. They are fragile creatures and truly can die of fright. Cats love to chase them also. All of the cats here are strictly the indoor variety. However, one of them was raised outdoors. When she was out not only would she chase the bunnies but they would end up as breakfast, lunch or dinner. Obviously this was not a good thing for the bunnies. Now they can frolic in the yard to their heart's content and the cats can watch from a distance.

    SHE is very wise to keep you at home although I know you would rather be with HER.

  2. Well I'm not fast enough to catch bunnies, but they are great fun to chase. I didn't know they could die of fright. The one next to us in Wyoming obviously was a tough one and loved to make me chase him/her, why else would it wait for me to come home?

    But I will be good and stay home. Hester is a well-loved rabbit and I don't want to cause him harm.