Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Quick Update

You know I think I like the doggie spa.  I always get to meet nice doggies there.  My friend Rex wasn't there this time, but I met a new dog who spent a lot of years in a puppy farm and was real scared, but we got along pretty well.  She is much littler than I am, but I think after the nice lady at the spa takes care of her for a while and she sees how nice the dogs are that stay there she will be ok.  I made friends with another dog, and I'm sure he thought I was a pretty sexy thing, so I had to put him straight.  I only want to be friends.  SHE was only gone two nights and although I was REAL glad to go home, I had fun.

The doctor said I don't have Cushing's disease, but I have a nasty eye infection and need medicine three times a day.  Sometimes I make HER chase me, cause I really don't want to have her put it in, but I do feel better.  Now SHE has to measure how much water I drink.  Not a big deal since SHE's trained in that sort of thing.

SHE said we have to look for a new place to live.  The woman who owns the house is going to sell it.  I like this place.  Do you know we've lived in 7 places since we've become companions?  I think it's time we settle down.


  1. You be a good doggie and don't make HER chase you. It is for your own good, you do not want to have a very sore eye.

  2. It doesn't feel good when she puts stuff in my eye. First SHE cleans it with a solution, then SHE puts artificial tears in, then one goopy salve and then a last goopy one. Fortunately the left eye only needs one medicine once a day. I try to be good, but ,,,,,

  3. Izzie, the cats and I have been wondering how you are. We have missed your doggie chats. We are very glad that you do not have Cushing's disease. However, as uncomfortable as it might be, you do need to cooperate with the eye treatment. Soon you will be well and won't need to worry. We know that SHE loves you and wants nothing but the best for you.

    All the Cats send their love.

  4. OK. It's still not fun, though. I wish SHE could figure out a way to do it so I can't feel it. I hope the cats are ok. SHE showed me a picture of them sleeping. I like to sleep too. I guess I can send love back.