Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Me and Buttercup: Training a Young Dog

Buttercup is only a year old.  I'm teaching her how to get up on the furniture to be comfy and that it's ok to beg for food at the table.  I don't know why everybody is mad at me.  We're getting to be friends and I think we should share things.  When my mommy gives me a treat, she should give one to Buttercup too.  Sometimes Buttercup's mommy doesn't agree.  I think that's not nice.  This morning we both got "Happy Hips" after we went outside to pee.  I always get one first thing in the morning.  Buttercup really doesn't need them like I do, but they're really tasty since they're jerky made from chicken.


  1. Oh, Izzie, you are incorrigible. However I am glad your back is improving.

  2. Incorrigible is a good word, right?