Thursday, November 19, 2009

I hurt again and I can't jump up on things.  SHE seems very worried, but I'm fine.  SHE gives me a pill in a yummy treat and that helps, but there's something wrong with my back leg.  I can't feel it and I have to be very careful.  SHE won't let me go upstairs anymore, but I like sleeping on the futon.  I can just walk onto the bed.  It's also a good place to rest when SHE goes out.  I hate going to the doggie doctor.  I shake and shake and breathe so hard I get the floor all wet.  The doctor is very nice though.  She doesn't hurt me at all and is very gentle.  The doctor says I'm a very stoic dog. SHE says "gentle-gentle" all the time to me, especially when she picks me up.  I'm not supposed to wiggle when she says this, but sometimes it hurts.  SHE says we're going to see another doctor today.  NO.  I don't want to.  Help!


  1. How I know how ¨they¨ can be with their good intentions and all...but mostly it´s about the love they have for us...we sometimes forget how devoted they are and we must tolerate their irregular acts of smoothering us with care. Afterall, they ARE a different species of the BIG DOG era...oy, those shots, I suppose they do some good but I´ve never liked them...I´ll wiggle for them anyway just to show that I´m a good sport even when life seems a little unwiggly to me.

    Love to you,

    Coban Gonzalez in Guatemala (I´m white too, we´re probably related)

  2. I agree. All white dogs are related.