Saturday, November 21, 2009

My Visit to the Hospital

SHE took me to a new hospital.  SHE said it was a special place that would make me all better.  Well I didn't like it much at all, although the people were very nice.  First the vet tech looked me over, then I saw the doctor.  SHE called her a neurologist, whatever that means. They said I was "bright, alert and responsive."  Of course I was.  I'm always that way.  That's me.  They also said I had "a mildly hunched back and slight weakness in the left hind limb" and that I was "uncomfortable on thoracolumbar spinal palpation.  Meaning my back hurts and my left leg doesn't work quite right.  I know that. I then had to go with the tech inside some doors.  The gave me some stuff to put me to sleep and then I had what they called a myelogram/CT scan to see what was happening with my back.  The next thing I know was I had to spend the night there.

SHE said they took a little bit of something behind my tongue to see how bad it was (a biopsy).  They decided not to operate on my back.  We have to wait a few days to find out how bad it is.  The neurologist said she thought it was squamous cell carcinoma.  Too big a word for a dog like me.  I heard her tell my mommy to feed me soft food.  YEA.  That means SHE'll cook for me all the time.

I'm not supposed to go on walks for a while and I can't jump on furniture, so SHE can't leave me alone unless SHE locks me up in the study, where there's nothing to jump on.  AND I don't have to go to the groomers today.


  1. Just as I´re being loved. All the signs were there and I guess you know it even if it does mean you´ll have to put up with the ¨restrictions¨...look on the tasty side of things, home cooking, our favorite. I wonder if you like chicken as much as I do? Actually, I like almost everything that is served up and mixed into my Pro-Plan...I even like some of the spicy stuff, but I´m from the Alta Plano and we can be a very spicy lot.

    Blessings to you dear beautious Isabelle. Do you know what Belle means in Spanish and broken Katchiquel? Well, you were named just right, ¨perfecto¨ we howl down South of the Borderway.
    Coban Gonzalez, admirer

  2. Thank you Coban Gonzalez. I'm doing a lot of sleeping. SHE is taking good care of me. I like spicy food too. There's a cheese that has peppers in it that I like a lot. I also like it when she makes Chile con Carne. Don't like the beans as much as the meat in spicy sauce. If I'm not too hungry, I leave some beans behind.

  3. And I do LOVE chicken. It's one of my favorites. I like roast chicken with pasta or rice and some broccoli.