Monday, November 30, 2009

I'm Home, I'm Home

Thank you everybody for all the prayers. I feel so good being home.  I know, my back really hurts, though.  I don't like my mommy picking me up, but sometimes I have to let her.  We slept a lot yesterday afternoon.  SHE put the futon down so we can sleep in the study.  I can walk on to the bed just fine.

Last night I had to get up a lot to go outside and pee.  I never do this.  I like sleeping too much.  I also needed to drink lots of water.  SHE says it's my medicine.  I try to scratch my ears, but my back legs don't work the way I want.  When SHE sees me trying, I get my ears scritched.  It's good, but SHE doesn't know exactly where to do it.

This morning I keep eyeing the couch and then walking away.  My choice is either jump (and I can't) or have her pick me up, which I hate.  I'm an "I can do it myself mommy" dog.

This morning we spent lots of time in bed while she massaged my legs and back.  Then she moved my legs around.  The massage is great, but this leg moving stuff hurts a little.  She says we have to do it until I'm better and can walk really well.  She's promised me lots of good walks in a few weeks, after I get the staples out and the vet says it's ok.

I got to have a piece of bacon for breakfast.  Boy did that taste good.  I'm sure I didn't eat a thing at the doggie hospital.  Speaking of the doggie hospital.  I really had the staff doing what I wanted.  I didn't have to stay with the other animals.  They took me on lots of little walks and gave me massages and the doctor wrote "Thank you for bringing Isabelle to the Maine Veterinary Referral Center's Neurology Service, she is such a pretty little girl."  I don't feel so pretty with a bare patch on my back and needing a haircut.  She's talking about getting me shaved, so it all grows in together.

(Note from mommy)  I only plan on having it cut really short.  There are lots of matts only made worse by her surgery and confinement.  She is two weeks beyond her normal grooming date.  I've had to cancel two appointments.

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  1. Thoughts of Bacon and the Beauty Salon...all positive signs of healing (both spiritually and physically). Love, Coban