Saturday, December 5, 2009

No Pictures Please

SHE has been snipping off my hair with scissors.  SHE says it's because I have matts and I can't go to the groomer.  Now, not only do I have a bald patch on my back, I have a VERY bad haircut.    SHE hasn't tried to cut around my face so she laughs at me and says I'm a fuzzy face. That's not nice to laugh at a dog who can't help it. She says after I get staples out on Monday she will have me groomed.

The other thing is SHE isn't feeding me enough.  I seem to be hungry ALL the time.  It seems like the medicine makes me want to eat a lot.  I also am drinking a lot of water so I need to go outside every four hours or so.  The nice thing is SHE has to stay around the house to take care of me.

I'm walking a lot better.  SHE went upstairs yesterday and didn't block the stairs very well so I got up about four stairs before SHE found out.  After getting yelled at and trying to go down, SHE picked me up and carried me down.  I really can do it myself.  (No Izzie can not.  Her back legs still are not strong enough)

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