Saturday, December 26, 2009

Day After Christmas

I didn't really appreciate the Christmas dinner.  I don't like lobster and that's what they had. They were very lively things.  Fortunately none of them got on the floor, although one of them used its tail to splash my mommy. I settled for a little kibble, but what kind of Christmas dinner is that for a dog?  Not even any cheese as an appetizer.

After dinner all the people sat around and watched a basketball game.  My mommy's daughter has a father-in-law who is so very, very nice.  I sat on his lap for a while and felt so peaceful and comfy.  Even after they left, I still felt really good. I was so relaxed that I got my picture taken.  When we get a copy I'll post it.

My mommy's daughter gave me a wonderful little pillow that I use on the couch and bed.  It's really hers but I took it over and now it's mine.  She says she'll buy a new one for herself.  People use them on airplanes. It's small like me and is filled with little grains of something that I can push around to suit me.

This morning I'm napping on the couch.  Buttercup and her mommy and daddy go for a four mile walk every morning.  I prefer the couch.  SHE says I've got to start taking long walks again, but we'll see.  I do still hurt a little in my back.  I'm good about letting her put me on the couch, though.  I did manage the stairs at her son's house.  They have carpet, so they're not as hard for me to do as the ones in Damariscotta.


  1. Oh, Izzie ... I am so glad you had a nice Christmas Too bad about your meal though. Not even some bacon for the holiday? Your pillow sounds like just what the doctor ordered.

    My human is not very happy right now because someone forgot to fax my prescription last week and so a whole week of my treatment was lost. Please continue to pray for us. My problem is more complicated than originally thought.

    I will keep you posted. I hope the rest of your Christmas holiday is joy filled and contains some special treats.

    Your friend,
    Sammy Cat

  2. Dear Sammy Cat,
    Please get better. I try real hard to pray every day. Sometimes it's hard because we keep moving around. I hope the medicine thing is now ok. I did get some sausage for breakfast, so no bacon isn't too bad. SHE says I can have some when we start on our roadtrip again. That will be after she sees something called the Rose Parade. I didn't know roses parade.