Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Little Bit of Mischief

I had a wonderful time in the car today.  SHE went to a Denny's for breakfast and let me run around the back of the car.  SHE forgot there was a bag with goodies in it and I got into it.  I'm really good at using my teeth to get things out of bags.  I opened a box of kleenex, but there wasn't anything good to eat there so I also found a box that SHE yelled at me about.  It was something called a brioche mix and I got the package opened and took the mix out of the box, but I couldn't open the mix.  It smells pretty good.  Then I found a package of peppermint sticks and tried to open it, but couldn't.  When SHE came out of the restaurant she brought me a piece of bacon.  SHE gave it to me anyway, even though SHE also yelled. That was really good.  I then got a little walk and we got gas for the car and I had to go in my seat.  Then we just drove and drove again.  Later SHE bought me a plain hamburger at  Burger King.  Now I don't have to eat much kibble for dinner.


  1. Ohhhhh, a hamburger! Oh you are well treated! If I gave you my owner's phone number would you call and tell her that I'm looking a little thin and could really really use a burger? And some bacon?

    +Clumber, First Canine Bishop in The Episcopal Church

  2. I only get hamburgers on trips. It saves her from having to deal with my barking in the motel room. The kibble is just for emergencies. +Clumber I could try to explain to your owner, but they usually don't listen to us. The bacon is a tradition. Our friend Pat likes to go out to breakfast and when I stay with her, she lets me stay in the car while she eats with her friends, then she brings me a slice of bacon when she comes back. I expect it now and sniff my mommy's breath to see if she's had any.