Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A New Look

Last night we slept upstairs in the comfy bed.  SHE went up first and then called me.  I didn't know at first if she wanted me to go up the stairs.  The last time I tried I got yelled at.  But it seemed like that is what SHE wanted so I went up.  I was pretty slow. I had to zig zag up, getting all of my body on one step before I did the next.  My pillow was on the bed and I thought it was wonderful.  I stayed next to it all night.  This morning SHE carried me down the stairs.  I really wasn't up to it.  I was scared.  Then SHE took me to the beauty parlor (that's what SHE calls the place dogs go to get a bath and haircut).  The lady there was very nice to me, but now my hair is really short and I have to wear a jacket outside.

This afternoon we're going to see my mommy's bishop.  They're going to talk about her CREDO stuff. SHE said I could come too, woo hoo!  I've met Bishop Steve before at the Interim's and Consultant's Meetings and he's very nice.  I saw him at the party after Ben's ordination too. He even asked about me when I was sick.


  1. Going up is always easier than going down. Good to read that you are able to climb the stairs. We have to jump up and down to get to our food. Little One had trouble doing that when he was small but he's good at it now. Cats can usually jump better than dogs. We are happy that you are recovering and able to walk. Take care of your human. Bipeds are necessary unfortunately.

    PuddyTat and Tim and the boys

  2. Yes, they are quite useful, at least most of the time. But yesterday my human got really mad at me when I ripped open a brand new package of dog cookies that she bought for her son's dog for Christmas. I thought it was quite clever of me. She was driving and I needed something to eat. You cats really are good at jumping. My friend Oscar confuses me sometimes when he leaps onto the counter and I can't figure out where he is.